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  1. I find each year that despite the marketing jargon and internet hype that annnaal equipment updates offer little in terms of performance gains. I'm not even sure that a current model woods would outperform my trusty old M3.
  2. I was referring to the low launch and spin with the P790 long irons which perform like fairway woods and are unplayable for anyone who actually wants to hit a green with them. The target market for the P790 probably doesn't care about anything but being able to hit a long iron 150m+ in the right direction. The P770 long irons perform well. Sound/feel is awful relative to the ZX7.. but results are good.
  3. Finally available for purchase on Golf Pride's website. No shipping to Australia though.... so i'll need to find a way to source locally.. or use a forwarding service and pay through the nose for it.
  4. Pro v1 comes in yellow. I held out on playing them for so long given the price but I enjoy playing them far more than any other ball I've tested extensively (Pro V1X, Chromesoft, Chromesoft X, Tour BX, Tour BXS, Z Star, Z Star XV, Q Star Tour, TP5, TP5X, AVX). I hated the Z Star so any option mentioned in this thread would be an upgrade IMO. Also.. mark your golf ball no matter what colour it is. Only way to ever be certain that you are actually playing the right one.
  5. I'll need some more time to give a more informed opinion but the heel and toe cutaways along with vsole seem to make this club go through grass easier than anything I've hit before.
  6. The 4 iron is still coming. Set AW is goooooooooooooooooood.
  7. My full set of custom ordered ZX7's arrived today. Turf interaction is outstanding. I had to try pretty hard to get the sole to dig, it goes through turf like butter. Considered a split set but the visible cavity in the ZX5 longer irons was offputting and the feel wasn't as nice. I also found that the only benefit from the ZX5 was higher launch and a shade more distance. I don't need the added launch and given the ZX5's need to be bent weak to make the split work the distance gains would be negated. Unless you need help launching your irons I do not believe the ZX5 offers any mo
  8. True story.. I picked up a cheap set of used P760's as an experiment that did not go well. I had them listed by the 8th hole, got a flood of messages straight way, and they sold by the 13th. Saw them re-listed again three weeks later. Pretty sure they were cursed.
  9. Do you know the lie angle of the set you were fitted to, and how different this is to your old set? I had a horrible lie angle fitting once that made great clubs unplayable for me. A simple adjustment and all was resolved. To echo everyone else's thoughts.. you have made a massive jump in shaft weight as well as a smaller, less forgiving head. Hopefully you adjust and start striking it well. If not, you wouldn't be the first person to be fitted to clubs you can't consistently hit well. Big difference between fitting indoors on mats and taking clubs into the real world.
  10. https://store.golfpride.com/store/grips/prod2940002/zgrip-plus2 Still in pre-order..... I want asap!!!
  11. While other brands are going minimalist Callaway seems to be intent on turning the back of their irons into branding billboards. Given what Taylormade has already released (with a new P790 to come), and big releases from Ping and Titleist to come, I expect a tough year for Callaway in 2021. Hard pass for me.
  12. If the PW loft is less than 45* then the set PW should definitely be in play. Anything from that point on is personal preference. Most will benefit from set wedges up to 51* as they offer more help and continuity with other irons for full strikes.
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