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  1. bombs

    Wedge Help

    Bounce likely isn't going to solve all your problems.. most decent players could hit a 11 degree bounce wedge off concrete.
  2. My new clubs need to know I am fully committed to them and keeping the old ones around only raises doubt. I only do clean break up's.
  3. Absolutely hanging for my tours... It's been 1 business day since I ordered. Feels like WAYYYYY longer.
  4. So..... after a couple of days I see you have updated your signature and ordered the Forged for the rest of the set. What happened..?
  5. Stregthening lofts by 1 degree is not going to provide a meaningful increase in distance. We are talking a couple of metres at most, but this comes with trade off's in reduced spin and changes to turf interaction. If I wasn't hitting the 921 Forged far enough I would opt for the Hot Metal Pro before strengthening the lofts on the 921 Forged. Hot Metal Pro's are almost a full club longer then the 921 Forged based on the reviews I've seen without sacrificing much in the way of looks or feel. If you want a stronger lofted iron in the "players distance" category try the F
  6. Buy a decent used set. 919 Hot Metal. Callaway Rogue.
  7. 921 forged and the current model p790 have the exact same length 7 iron - 79.0mm. I can't compare the rest of the set but the short irons in the 921 forged are much smaller than 919, and the longer 921 irons have also decreased in size too.
  8. Have not seen a single review comparison online of these two new irons that are seeimgly after the exact same customer. For those that have hit both what have you seen? Most likely to bag one of these irons in the near future. Visually love the P770 but have a feeling the 921F has less offset, spins more, goes further and is more forgiving.
  9. bombs

    T200 vs P790

    A 50 degree P790 will blend perfectly into a 52 degree Vokey. Don't worry about the loft gaps, the distances gaps should be ideal. One club is filled with tech, the other is a blade, it will work perfectly.
  10. Raises questions about quality control and the ability to build custom clubs to spec. My last taylormade order was WAY off the requested lies/lofts.
  11. bombs

    T200 vs P790

    Tested both with X100 shafts. Probably could game either but they go too far for me with average carry of 195 yards for both. Great irons for those who need fast faces to maximise distance. T200 span 500rpm more, thinner topline more in line with 'players' look. Feel was worse, face felt faster, and the sound was louder and a little clickly. P790 felt more solid, more forgiving on strikes low on the face, ball flights were straigther (likely due to lower spin), tighter dispersion, but spin below 5000rpm so I would worry about holding greens.
  12. Very keen on hearing from those who went from the P760 into the P770. Particularly any noticable differences in feel, forgivness and distance? Seriously thinking about it.
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