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  1. Hi all, Well I have had some initial success in being able to battle this issue, Albeit I have had to apply a number of different things so thanks to you all for responding. Here goes I sing a song in my mind as I’m approaching the green until I have struck the ball. Something melodici have put a black dot on my ball t focus onwhen I have chosen my line I stand a couple of yards from what will be my stance and do some exaggerated swing s of my putter to loosen the muscles.I then approach the ball slowly but looking at the holei get in my stance with the club elevated and do some Jason Duffne
  2. Thanks for all your comments and help this has been great. Will give them all a whirl over the next few weeks and let you know how I get on Paul
  3. Hi I am desperate for some help with my putting. I have always been considered a good putter. Good distance control and accurate. 18 months ago, something crept into my game that I just cant shift and it is causing me significant angst. In a nutshell, I am struggling to hit the ball. What this feels like is that there is some type of invisible force preventing me from taking the club away. I have tried the forward press, counting 1,2 ,3, not grounding the club, bouncing the club, ball further forward in my stance, all of which has helped, but very quickly the problems returned. The longer th
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