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  1. What are the best links courses in MA or NE I have played in MA: -Granit Links -Old Scottland Links I enjoy links type courses. Any recommendations?
  2. Is there any real difference between sim/sim2 max woods? Im on the market for a new 3 wood coming from Calloway Rouge. My Rouge and I are not getting along this year and I typically like TM clubs. Anyway Im going to hit them both this week. any opinions on either one?
  3. This year I have played: Redtail: played them mid May. POOR conditions. great holes/design. kinda surprised it was $100 round...... rocks in bunkers made them unsafe and unplayable. patches of dirt in middle of fairway for many holes. I will give them another try next year. Farm Neck: played them last week. Great holes/design! Many holes on the water. Great greens. practice facility was awesome with grass range. definitely worth the trip/money. im going to try to get to Taconic, The Ranch, Crumpin-Fox in July/Aug.
  4. I have been playing golf for years now and have never seen a walking fee for a round. The course was BAD but regardless I was surprised to see the walking fee. Course fee(9 Hole Course):$24+$5 walking fee. They offered carts for $15. Have y'all seen a walking fee?
  5. Im looking to play the best courses in MA this summer! Im willing to travel all over MA, distance to the course is not a problem. Courses I have already played: -Granit Links -Cross Winds/Weaverly Oaks/PineHills -Black Stone National Golf club -Gorge Wright On my list: -Red Tail Suggestions please! -Fred
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