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  1. Well that missed putt makes things interesting.
  2. I'm all for staggering the first event but after that, I say just make all your strokes cumulative across 12 rounds. So whatever you end up with at event #1 carries over to event #2 and then the TOUR Championship. Granted, that has the problem of someone running away with stuff too much but if its a playoff then just have it keep going through all 3 events.
  3. I always liked the four WGCs, so I'm not happy with going to two. Of course, the only one that I really enjoy is the match play so at least that's safe for now. I wish there was another match play event during the season.
  4. Looks like the WGC's are on the way out with only two events since the Mexico championship is no longer under the WGC umbrella.
  5. Especially because the end is near. Just have the Barracuda and Wyndham to go if you aren't in the top 125. Rickie is rocking some nice shades today.
  6. Ninth year of rejection in a row. Oh well, I'm a glutton for punishment.
  7. Louis may have just lost the tournament with that.
  8. Spieth gets back to E on the day
  9. Someone has to make a move here. Top of the leaderboard is just going backward or staying static.
  10. Brooks looking to post a number early.
  11. Especially on the course that the Barbasol is on, which isn't all that challenging for these guys. Just a pitch and putt.
  12. Nice to see Louis O. starting yet another major in style.
  13. I was at the Barbasol today and when his score was posted the group I was walking with (Ricky Barnes, Robert Garrigus, and Ken Duke) had a small buzz about how embarrassing that score that was. Evidently he took a 10 on the 18th hole, so I guess he hit it into the water that lines the right side of the hole multiple times? Gotta love how the PGA TOUR's website tried to put a positive spin on it: "Smylie putts well but delivers a 15-over 87 first round in the Barbasol Championship"
  14. Tournament is dreadfully boring this year. Nice to see Kevin Na having a good week, though.
  15. Not as thrilling as last week's playoff, but that's a hell of a run by Davis to get into the playoff and win.
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