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  1. $225 - shipped. Tipped 1/2", playing at 45". A couple of blemishes on the head, but didn't bother me at all.
  2. A lot of mini drivers lately. Time to bring this back up with all of the new tech. Do they measure 2/3 woods or no? I sometimes hit my 3w as far as my driver. Makes me wonder.
  3. The pursuit of a couple more MPH ballspeed, my friend. I still have the TS3, and have a tourney next week and will be going back to that in the meantime. The Atmos Black Tour Spec 70x works so well for me there.. But, I saw the TD, and figured I'd couple it with the TSI3, a natural upgrade for me for the head.. and worst case, I could fall back to TSI3 on my Atmos Black shaft. But even that isn't working as well as the TS3/Atmos Black combo. So, I'll go test some shafts in a couple of weeks and see what I can find.
  4. Are you in the 60g or 70g for the driver?
  5. Ventus black 60x tipped 1.5" was too squishy for me in Mavrik at 45.5". But I think I'm going to just go work with my local guy and test a bunch of Shafts. I got excited about KBS TD as it looked so good on paper for me. Speeder Platinum is looking good on paper too. We shall see.
  6. Well, issue being is that it's too unstable for me at 116-119 club speed. Square hits are OK, but the misses aren't good. I'm coming from Atmos Black 7x Tour Spec, where my misses aren't bad at all, and actually mostly in the fairway. I'll try to jump on a trackman to get some data, but this always seems to happen when I try a 60g shaft. Dispersion goes way up.
  7. Pretty much dead square. A little toe strike. Forget it. Way left.
  8. I'm playing a new KBS TD Cat 5 60 in my new TSI3 at 46", and it's a hook machine and feels squishy and unstable. KBS recommended no tipping to me, and I usually tip all of my driver Shafts at least 1". I can't seem to sell the shaft to anyone, so I'm stuck with it, and want to mess with it to try to get it to work. I'm considering tipping 1-1.5" and throwing a butt extension in it and trying it again. Anyone have thoughts on this?
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