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  1. 80g in the driver. I tried that once at 45" and was very stable and straight, but I felt I lost a few MPH
  2. If only he was that consistent. He's consistent toe/heel, but I think he'd benefit from a deeper face. Mavrik is pretty shallow.
  3. I'm literally in the process of figuring this out for my old man. He has a standard Mavrik, but he has trouble finding the right depth of the face to hit it solid. I'm thinking Epic has a slightly larger/deeper face and may help him there. I literally bought a micrometer to bring to the golf shop next time I go to measure. lol
  4. Anybody take the MG2/3 TW 56 and bump it stronger? Any issues with that?
  5. I went to $-Taper and things got a bit hookey. Even soft-stepped them
  6. I did see this pop up on a google search. Seems like a guy running it out of a small shop, but may be what I need for the few cold weeks here. I'll check it out and report back here.
  7. You'd be correct - I crossed my wires there.
  8. Yup - that all makes sense. I really should just be happy with where I'm at, but.. always looking for a few more MPH.
  9. Wood Shaft - New preferred - will consider pulls - Titleist Adapter Nice to have
  10. Interesting on the Platinum - no one has one to try, so I'm not going to just drop $450 on a shaft just to try. Haha.
  11. Yeah, and that's why I think most of the tour players can get away with playing 60g shafts with torque in the 3.xs. They hit the center of the face quite a bit more than I do I'll check that Diamana out. Thanks!
  12. Tightening up dispersion. Playing at an Amateur high-level for 25 years, and testing all sorts of shafts has lead me to believe that lower torque with a certain bend profile eliminates wide misses for me. I've seen people argue that torque doesn't matter - but.. my results lead me to disagree with that. I've always hit lower torque shafts straighter. Every time I try something outside of low torque, mishits aren't as acceptable. I'm in Atmos Black Tour Spec 7x right now, and don't really have a reason to leave - but I'd like to find a 60g shaft that works for me to try to gain a few MPH ball speed. Right now, that list is Hzrdus T1100, Fuji Speeder Platinum or Diamond, and that's about it.
  13. I know they don't do indoor domes down here like they do up north, but I'm looking for something with Trackman perhaps, or GCQuads so I can get good numbers off of my shots. Top Golf was supposed to have an indoor studio here, but they don't yet, or not even sure if happening anymore. XGolf numbers suck from what I understand. I could rent time on a bay at Golf Galaxy I think with Trackman, but hoping for better options than that. I don't want to book a fitting to be able to work on numbers, so don't think Club Champion. If anyone is familiar with Five Iron golf up north, that's what I'm hoping to find. Thanks!
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