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  1. I’m not sure if the stand mechanism on the Players 4 is the same as the Linksmaster, but here’s a pic of mine on the Nitron. It’s a perfect fit.
  2. I have 2 pairs of these shoes and can’t say enough how great they are. They have a nice arch support compared to other Eccos I’ve owned.
  3. The Chrome Lakes room I stayed in last month had a regular tub.
  4. It's more of a traditional knit polo feel, but it still has some nice moisture wicking properties. It's a great fall season polo. I wouldn't wear it in the heat of the summer.
  5. I have a Nitron and really like it’s convenience of opening and closing compared to the Clicgear which I have used in the past. The Nitron is a little lighter which is a pro and a con. I feel that the Clicgear is more stable due to a wider wheel base and heavier weight. The Nitron saves your body some energy due to the lighter weight. Overall, I still prefer the Nitron.
  6. Great write up!! It brought back a lot of the recent memories I had last month at Bandon. So glad you had some really nice weather. Start planning your next trip. It never gets old. I've been fortunate enough to gone to Bandon 5 times. My rankings seem to change every time that I go. Bottomline, 5 great courses, plus the Preserve.
  7. bcc69

    Elbow pain

    Nippon NS Pro GH 950 stiff
  8. bcc69

    Elbow pain

    Another vote for Steelfibers for relief of golfer’s elbow. I was a skeptic, but within a couple months, my elbow pain was gone.
  9. On my way home from Bandon. Smoke was not too bad, but we have several rounds with heavy dense fog. We were literally guessing our lines. Overall the trip was a blast. Everyone at the resort was top notch. Definitely make dinner reservations in advance. Their capacity is very limited. Hopefully you will have some awesome weather.
  10. I’m currently at the resort, and heard some of the guests have had difficulty arriving due to their flights being canceled. There’s no word that the resort is closing. Fortunately, there has been very little wind this week, but that allows the smoke to linger in the air. The biggest issue is the mosquitos. Bring some bug repellant. Don’t forget your rain gear. Some rain is in the forecast for next week.
  11. I’m currently a 3 index, and I’ve always played the green tees at all of the Bandon courses. This morning was no exception at Sheep Ranch. I was tempted to play the blacks due to the relatively low slope, but ultimately decided to play the greens since the winds were blowing 10-15mph. I thoroughly enjoyed it and never felt the course was too short. In the rare instance that there’s no wind, I would definitely consider playing the tips.
  12. Bandon's issue is not enough lodging availability. With 5 courses plus the preserve, getting a tee time isn't difficult. I was able to book 6 nights stay in September. I got lucky to be able to get that since I called only a couple months ago.
  13. bcc69

    Bandon During Covid

    I booked my trip for the second week in September back in mid July. I’ve called them several times to change tee times and have had no trouble getting the times and courses I want. As for lodging, they are sold out. I’m having to do a room change in the middle of the trip.
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