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  1. That O Works Red is catching my eye .... Too bad all I have is a Toulon San Diego lol
  2. If this was stiff .... Such a good looking club. And the headcover
  3. Working from home, nothing else to do with quarantine, getting outside and walking. Just started last year but I have been full injecting this sport into my veins since Feb.
  4. club reviews and then realizing i can buy clubs from somewhere other than 2nd Swing and Global Golf
  5. Hawaii ... because hawaii. Northern Europe would be pretty badass. not only because i've never been there but i can only imagine what the views would be like around the Swiss Alps
  6. i need a pouch like that. I'm working with a zip lock snack baggy for my markers, which includes an Icelandic 100 Krona coin. those are some really cool coins/markers.
  7. wish i could have hit the F9 Tour 3w better... would have stayed in the bag. It's a good looking club
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