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  1. Received the club this morning! As everyone confirmed, no additional duty or charges. great deal!!
  2. I’ve gotten the monogrammer before Lol
  3. Apple Watch. Lol. Nothing fancy here.
  4. I have an epic flash 5 wood that I dropped by a degree. It’s fantastic.
  5. Thank you!! just pulled the trigger! Found a “very good” that looked damn near brand new and got it for $287 shipped after the coupon! excited!!!
  6. Awesome! Are there much tax/duty charges on delivery?
  7. Okay. The prices seemed really good, especially with the discount code for signing up for their newsletter. I actually really appreciated that they take pictures of the actual club you’re buying to show the condition... Thanks for the feedback! Hoping some of the US peeps have some good feedback as well!
  8. Anyone have any experience with golfavenue.com in the US? From what I can tell it’s a Canadian company. They have some good pricing in US and no tax (at least at purchase)... they have a “like new” sim max driver which is still in the wrapper for $350, plus there is a 10% off coupons, bringing it down to ~$315... and free shipping. im assuming I’ll pay the taxes when it’s delivered... but not sure if anyone has experience with the site or ordering from them.
  9. Our course started last year with the cups upside down, but by June they were back the regular way. They didn’t even remove the ball washers from the course. They did remove the water jugs though.
  10. Yeah, that makes complete sense. I just want to make sure it's not going to be scratched and dinged to crap. like a "value" condition club from other companies... It does come with a full warranty though and HC, so there is at least that.
  11. I tried searching (both on here, and google) and oddly couldn't find anyone that has posted about the condition of the clubs... looking at picking up a driver from their website that is on sale as a premium preowned. The website says "These like-new clubs come with a full warranty, as well as any headcovers and tools supplied with the new club." I am curious if anyone has purchased from them online, and if it truly is in "like new" condition. Lol...
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