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  1. Would you please give an assessment on the ingress and egress of clubs? Is the opening large enough to hold 14 clubs comfortably? Thanks!
  2. Thanks. This is what I was looking for. I think the SL2 is one of the best looking bags out there, but I have had concerns about club tangle. And, I will very likely not have a chance to see the bag in person unless I purchase it. Your comments are very helpful.
  3. Thank you for your very helpful comments. I do have a couple of questions. Do you carry 14 clubs? If so, how easy was it to take out a club during play and what was it like to put it Many thanks! back in the bag? Did you experience much club tangle? Many thanks!
  4. It would be great to hear an update on the performance of the bag when you have had a little time with your new one. I am pleased to hear the Stitch people were responsive to your complaint in an effective manner. Good luck with the replacement!
  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. I would be interested in how you find ingress and egress of clubs while on the course, when you get the chance, please.
  6. Would you please share with us what Stitch did to successfully address your complaint?
  7. I appreciate your comments and, especially, the report regarding their customer service. My family owned retail businesses in another industry for over 80 years. I ran them for 30 years before I sold them in 2012. I can tell you that one of the chief reasons we did well was because of the service we provided our customers. I live in what is considered a rural community. And our stores were in similar towns. If we weren't responsive to our customers' needs, word of it would have spread like wildfire. Sometimes, taking care of our customers cost us some money but, one's reputation is everything
  8. This is good to hear but, not for my wallet!
  9. What is your impression on the space for clubs, please. Do you think there is adequate room for 14 clubs? Do you think you will experience much club tangle?
  10. This is a for what it's worth post, as the G410 has been available for over a year: I have been gaming a G25 since February 2013, when it was first released. Last December, I tried the G410 Plus on launch monitor in a big box. I was pleased with its feel and dispersion. On the monitor, the distance seemed about normal. Two weeks ago, I purchased the driver online in the configuration I hit in December. Here is my take: on the course, in dry conditions, and when I strike it well, it is easily the longest driver I've played. The sound is somewhat muted compared to other drivers I hear on course,
  11. I am really looking forward to reading your comparative review.
  12. I recently sent in my Club Car for an overhaul. Just received it back. I had demoed a Ping G410 a few months back and pulled the trigger on it last week. Tomorrow, I will receive 5 boxes of Vice Pro Soft golf balls. I am looking at replacing my G25 hybrids with G410 hybrids. This may be an expensive quarantine.
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