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  1. NHswing

    T200 vs P790

    I finally made it to hit the T200 and love them. Ended up ordering the 4-GW and decided to get the TS3 driver. Excited for them to arrive next month so I can take them around the course.
  2. @larryd3 I finally made it to a Titleist demo to hit the T200s and T100S's. My numbers were actually better with T200s. The Titleist guy running the demo was a little surprise that my top 5 shots were all with the 200. I also hit the TS3 driver and holy smokes does that thing crush the ball. I ended up ordering the irons and the driver and look forward to them coming in next month.
  3. For those you that have had either of these sets for several months and hopefully several rounds what are you thoughts now? I'm facing this debate today of the T200's vs P790's. I hit the 790's and loved them and plan to go hit the 200's soon.
  4. NHswing

    T200 vs P790

    @bk3318 Thanks for the feedback! I hit the P790's at the club the other day. I need to go back to hit the T200's soon. On paper the thing I like better about the T200's is the loft degrees in the wedges. The 43 PW and 48 GW fit better with my Vokey 52 and 56 wedges as oppose to the P790's 45 PW and 50 GW. Since I absolutely love my 52 I hate to take it out of my bag. Once I hit the T200's I should be able to make a decision.
  5. NHswing

    T200 vs P790

    Looking to get a new set of irons. Any feedback from players that play either of these? Especially anyone that has tried both of them.
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