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  1. you're fast! sorry, I forgot that part as soon as I hit the button, then added it about 10 seconds after.
  2. TaylorMade 2016 M2 with 2 shafts! Comes with stock Fujikura shaft in Regular flex, plays to prox 45 1/4" $buh obo Fujikura Pro 53 in Stiff Flex, plays to stock length 45 3/4" $bye obo M2 10.5° HEAD and headcover, ONLY $gone obo shafts come with TM tips, will ship head with a headcover, no tool I ship USPS Priority within 24 hours of payment, insurance is up to you. Great Driver, just my experiment is over...well, might entertain trade offer of 2017 M1...but will want to keep Fuji Pro 53 thank you all for looking! Asking $sold obo for all! First to PayPal gets it! I always respond to offers! :beach: :beach:
  3. sorry no trades, forgot to mention that. Head only $sold. Saves a little shipping.
  4. hi all! long time no BST! I got a TaylorMade R15 10.5 Black with the stock Fujikura Speeder 57 Evolution in Stiff. Grip is the stock Lamkin Performance Grip. Driver will come with the stock headcover, and adjustment tool. I hit it a few times but still prefer my ole gamer... Price is $sold shipped thanks for looking! :golfer:
  5. Nike Lunar SwingTip Spikeless golf shoes, size 9.5 Color is Ridgerock Brown. I have one these once to the range only and figured out that spikeless isn't for me. I had already applied Kiwi Suede Protector, so they should stay clean for a while. These shoes are super comfy, just not for me. Dicks' sporting Goods retail was $109.99 plus tax, fetch them up here for.... Price is $75 shipped thanks for looking!! Please PM for Paypal :beach:
  6. Aldila RIP Phenom 60 stiff. Don't really see 60 gram Phenoms around much, so I'm hoping this goes quick. I don't know if this means anything, but the skull on the shaft only has one red eye. Has Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip. Shaft is in excellent condition. Has had minimal use. The tip in the shaft is for a left handed club, so if you put this in your Anser or G25 at the neutral position, the graphics will be down. Didn't ever bother me at all, and plays great as is. From my experience with this shaft, the launch is mid/mid-high, For reference, higher than Ahina, low spin, but not as low as Ahina. Specs are as follows: Weight 63g Torque 3.8 Length from grip end to tip 45" Plays 45 3/4" in a Ping G25 Again, the Ping adapter tip installed is for a left handed club, so if you put this in your Anser or G25 at the neutral position, the graphics will be down. Price is $125 OBO Paypalled/Shipped Thanks for looking! :beach: Please PM for Paypal and to make offers
  7. [size=4][b][color=#0000FF][i]offers encouraged[/i][/color][/b][/size]
  8. Well it's not at the post office yet, so...me?
  9. again guys, thank you for all of your input. just to be clear to everyone who has been reading this thread:[list] [*]the sandy ball mark does creep past the topline into the paint of the crown [*]I would love to have this club, but seeing the mark from address does bug me [*]toothpaste will do nothing for this mark [*]scotch brite, sand paper, etc., will only blend it a little. the mark is deep into the paint [*]another frustration about this was shipping. [quote name='SELLER']I will ship it USPS priority so it will be there by Wed. Thanks[/quote] [b]I got it Friday[/b]. that sucks when you want to play a round with it on Thursday... [*]MY perfect scenario would be to have the SELLER give me $40 for misrepresenting the club, and giving me fair trade value of the club as it should have been represented in the first place. as I do understand maybe this doesn't sound fair, to the SELLER, it sounds good for ME. [*]To be FAIR, to the SELLER, I have agreed to a full refund including shipping back to the SELLER (i.e. I paid $140, shipping ~$15, full refund $155ish) [*]NO I haven't received refund yet, as all of this happened on Friday, February 9th, 2013 [/list] I know golf is striking another object at a high rate of speed, and sometimes marks like this happen. I get it. Still, most of my clubs are in pretty good condition and don't have sandy ball marks like this on them. Most golf shops will not even take a trade with a pop up mark. I have never sold anything on this forum or any other, with any sort of pop up mark, ugly, etc. If anything I had sold was questionable, I would either sell it at rock bottom or give it to my local high school or YMCA. This club was misrepresented, in my opinion. I should be receiving a refund soon, but if the SELLER was honest to begin with, inconvenience for all would have been avoided. It's really this simple. If you're going to sell something, especially in this community of equipment hos, your description should be accurate, not vague, and you should have good pictures. I have a feedback score of 81 on goflwrx, and I can confidently say that in the 100+ transactions (not everyone leaves feedback) on golfwrx, this is the first bad buy I've had. I would love to have new equipment all the time, but most of us like the better price of used equipment...used, accurately described, not misrepresented, equipment.
  10. Mine was done without flash with a phone SELLER has only one photo with flash that didn't show mark clearly
  11. there was only one pic from the seller, the other pics are from me, that actually show the ball mark. jj9000, I agreed to the refund after I had originally proposed the trade in deal. I just don't want to be inconvenienced anymore. it sucks. he said arrive wednesday no prob, got here friday, he stated no uglies, there obviously is one that you can see at address. I only have so much free time, to spend any amount of time repackaging, going to the PO, etc., sucks. I appreciate everyone's input. though I feel wronged, I've agreed to refund with shipping. just waiting now.
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