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  1. Play ridiculously conservative. I'm serious. Too many people lose strokes playing too aggressive. They 3-putt because they try to hole a 20 footer, they short side themselves, and driver is a great weapon until at some point you realize you don't always need it. Breaking 70 is an attitude. You have to play safe a lot, and not take stupid risks.
  2. Driver equip change for shot shaping adjustment doesn't make sense. Path and face create curvature. If you're hitting off center, the driver might have a slight effect, but a larger head doesn't really guarantee a fairway. If my path is left 5 degrees, and my face open to path 3 degrees, it'll fade the same with a big driver vs small driver head. Off center hits, yes on occasion it may exaggerate it, but that's if your strike is really poor, almost completely off. I find older drivers heavier, therefore easier to feel. I enjoy the large drivers for their look. I've hit persimmon, and those ar
  3. I don't watch much. Usually the commentary bothers me. It makes me shudder hearing their irrelevant remarks and their ridiculous analysis. I figure with bowling it's the same, the announcers can't find anything to say, so they pull it out of a pickle jar. They might find stats interesting, but I find their ties more so, and when they talk the pigment seems to get brighter lol. It isn't sports without a nice-ish tie and a Jos. A. Bank suit to match.
  4. When did I indicate I was to delete my comment? Besides this, if you could punch out of the woods and make par without punching holes in the dirt your comment may have more merit. Do refrain, your poor attitude is unnecessary. Keep it to yourself. I said nothing out of line, and you start getting rude. Calm it, or get reported.
  5. Isn't this testing conditions? It's illegal. If he does this during competitive play he'd be disqualified. If anyone else knows or sees it and says nothing, they're both out. In regards to using "tactics" for anything I'd advise against it. Just play the game and forget the weird stuff. If you're afraid of hitting a root, move the ball. If you're due for a course record, play it as is. Otherwise just forget about it, and don't break your 9 iron. It would be nice if people would stop using gimmicks and tricks and stop making excuses for poor play. If you can't play a shot, practice it.
  6. Bryson DeChambeau Isn’t Breaking Golf, His Driver Is (Cheat Driver) In case you don't know what a scam is, fall in. It's disappointing and stupid. The PGA Tour has done a wonderful job of screwing with us. Might want to rethink the hype.
  7. https://golf.com/gear/drivers/bryson-dechambeau-driver-break-golf/
  8. The trail elbow stays close to the body going back. You shouldn't get disconnected, it's too hard to return the club to the ball. Trail arm doesn't pin, but doesn't fly either. Usually the reason it flies is restricted hip action going back, which is death anyhow, despite it being taught as gospel everywhere you look.
  9. I would say this in their stead, that they release the club correctly. Backswing-wise, maybe slightly shut. But they use their legs heavy, so they can release the club without holding the club off to produce said result. Paying a low cut using a hold-type release is what I described, and what I assumed he meant. Tour pros with a shut pattern always use their legs strongly, and actually have to if they're to release the club at all, otherwise the hook becomes a factor. Using a hold-off release is useful for certain shots, but for a stock pattern it's just not versatile enough. It also lacks dis
  10. A shut face is usually a restrictive pattern. You can only play the ball low if you fade it, so versatility is almost impossible. Distance control using this pattern is nonexistent, as controlling distance is done using trajectory. Knocking down a wedge or flighting a 6 iron is basically thrown out. Hitting your number is critical, and low fades with a shut release basically only allows you that one shot. If you're adamant on it, don't expect a below scratch figure. It just doesn't happen. You're gonna have to change your pattern if you wish to see that kind of improvement.
  11. 1. Golf instruction. Period. 2. Equipment being able to "improve your game". Yes, I know an idiot like that. Blames the club for everything, and never practices. Still shoots 85. And is dumb enough to keep doing it. 3. Vanity capping kids at our club. It's a scam because I don't buy it. Kids think they're great, and shoot "69" then I play them and clean out their McDonald's check from their back pocket shooting 70. I'm not that stupid, but I figure they learn that quick. They're kids, they're supposed to be good at learning. I wouldn't buy it if I was gullible enough to think of myself as a to
  12. I talked with a tour pro who was my friend before he died. He said this, that the setups out on tour are far easier, and they sometimes move the teeboxes up one if the hole is long into a stiff breeze. The yardages on TV are from the tips, and they're not always playing those tees on every hole, though on most holes they do. The player who shoots 75, he said, would shoot 67 if they played a tour setup. Quicker fairways yield way longer drives, and greens so smooth you couldn't miss if you wanted to. So yes, much easier, for good players. For 5 and up handicap, they'd play worse. Scratch an
  13. McIlroy hits it upwards of 124 feet apex with driver with his draw pattern, and I've seen him hit a fade with 143 feet apex. Mine doesn't go 320, it's just over 275 at most, and probably apexes at 95 feet. The average 220 yard drive is probably optimally at 70 feet apex, but I'm guessing on that. High launch low spin is also generally vauge, imo. The reason you hit up on driver is because when you speed up your swing, the spinrate increases. To counter it we use 9 degree drivers instead of 11, and hit more up. But it will always go higher the longer you are, and there's only so much you can do
  14. Generally people comment my ball flight is too high, and yet I outdrive them by 70 yards. It's hilarious, and I've learned to ignore it. As for me giving advice on course, no. There aren't quick fixes in golf, so it's pointless. And the average player isn't intelligent, and if I give them genuine advice, they'll shrug it off once something more glittery comes along. I stay away from poor players. I'll advise better players, because they listen. Anyone above 5 hdcp I just don't bother with.
  15. His Open Championship at Hoylake. Irons off every tee, discipline, losing his Father, and keeping his mind together to do that was wonderful. His most overrated, on another note, imo was his win at Augusta in 1997. Field was very weak, he shot 40 on the front 9 round 1, and he had no significant discipline overall, and wasn't truly up to standard. His famous majors are the US Open in 2000 and 2008, 1997, 2005 and 2015 Masters, Open Championship in 2000, and his PGA's in 1999 and 2000. I'd love to hear about Bethpage and Hoylake more often, different circumstances, and solid golf.
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