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  1. Most misses would be short and right so I assume it's off the toe. Thanks for all the replies, have a lot of options to look through.
  2. This season I picked up an old set of Titleist 690 MBs. They were fun to hit at the start but just not forgiving enough for me. The thing is, I really love the look so not sure what set of irons to get. I like the look of the Taylormade P7MC but they are a little pricey. My friend recommended the Titleist AP3 718 as they have the small profile but are a little cheaper. Does anyone have any suggestions for irons with the blade look but a little more forgiveness.
  3. I've played around a bunch of places around Chicago this year. A few courses have really spiked their rates but I think most have generally stayed around the same. I think most courses could have raised their prices a little and gotten away with it easily. Last week it was tough to find tee times at an above average course during the week and especially on weekends.
  4. We are going next week, there are 3 of us, we are playing 36 for 3 days. We planned on just walking to save on costs, but I am starting to think we need a caddie. Has anyone ever used a group caddie here? What would the cost be person, it says on the website probably $40 a person but then should there be a tip on top of that?
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