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  1. I've always wondered the same thing myself - maybe it's technically more secure? And does anybody know if these are ever available to purchase? Another Vegas native here and would love to use one of these.
  2. Love this grip. Been using it on and off for years. Is that also a new shaft? I thought he used the standard stepped steel shaft, but may just be the lighting in the photo. While I agree that it's not as much of a difference compared to normal clubs due to the angle with which we hold the putter. I've always found grip changes to have noticeable effects on the perceived swing weight. It's especially easy to test with the Super Stroke grips with the 25-50 gram weight in the butt (although these are pretty big changes). When adding the 50 gram weight the putter feels too ea
  3. I honestly didn't know this was an option...TIL I'm assuming I have A-weight heads since I only ordered +0.5", but can throw on a swing-weight scale to confirm if necessary.
  4. I've thought about going for the middle of the green for entire rounds before, but just never committed to it. I think it would be fun just to see what happens. Can't help going for tucked pins though...even if you don't pull off the shot, at least you have an opportunity for a cool short game shot now ?
  5. For Sale: Mizuno JPX919 Tour 4-PW Shafts: Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100 (upgrade shafts) Length: +0.5" over standard Loft: Standard Lie: Standard Grips: Golf Pride Z-Cord Midsize Condition: Like New - Only used for two rounds SOLD Ping G400 Max 9* Length: 45.25" Shaft: Aldila NV-2KXV 75-X Grip: Z-Grip Midsize (Brand New) Also have Stock Alta CB Shaft (X-Flex) w/o tip - SOLD Includes Headcover and Hex Tool Condition: Very Good SOLD
  6. Won't be much longer before I find my way over there. Trying to hold out as long as possible haha.
  7. Watched a few of these videos without realizing the context (Berkshire's videos are always in my recommended feed for some reason ?) I'm mostly surprised at how narrow the landing area seems for these guys. I'm sure it's like 40 yards wide or something generally quite large, but at the distances these guys are hitting most were having a hard time getting anything to stay inbounds. Some monster drives did not count because they barely missed the fairway. Only issue I had with these videos was the lack of an angle from down the fairway. Would have been cool to see the rol
  8. You give somebody like Bryson or DJ a 12* power 3-wood and they'll be just fine carrying that over 300. Pretty sure Phil used to play one of those driving 3-woods instead of a driver for a while and was still hitting it deep.
  9. I know you're saying you don't want to loft down (opening the face), but I've found that my SIM driver sits closed at address in the default setting. I actually went with 10.5* initially so I could loft down to 9* to get the face to sit square. I found I was hitting it slightly too high that way, so switched down to the 9* stock and loft down to either 8.25* or 7.5* depending on course conditions. Face seems to sit much more square that way for me. I'd imagine getting the 8* SIM and then lofting down to 6.5* would sit square as well, and be at a loft you are looking for. Can even t
  10. I'm in the boat that doesn't mind this format. Contrary to a couple of other comments, I think this format sets up an even better chance for an underdog story than without the head start for the leaders. I think it would be awesome if one of the guys with no strokes played crazy well and was able to win the tournament. However, I also think there are probably better ways to handle the end of the season than the FedEx cup. Why not just reward the players who performed best all season long with the cumulative winnings, similar to how they used to do it (i.e., $2MM to the overall poin
  11. Agreed. Many older posts are linking to the incorrect posts if found through google. Good news is, using the built-in search works pretty well and does link to the correct post.
  12. Most important aspect IMO - Dispersion. They can look fantastic but if they don't perform then unfortunately they won't work.
  13. Sorry to hear about the ear! Wishing you a speedy recovery. I made the switch to wide brim hats recently as well and still get asked about it from time to time. Starting to see more players with them though, which is great. At the range yesterday I noticed 4 or 5 people wearing bucket/wide-brim hats.
  14. Jpx919 Tours won out over the MP20s for me. I tried a number of other clubs as well (620mb, p730, Apex MB, Cobra MB, Ping Blueprints) and the two Mizunos were at the tops for looks/feel with the 919 Tour edging out on the feel factor. Just buttery soft anywhere near the middle of the face.
  15. Amen. I learned to play golf with 3-PW so it's never been an issue. Only recently moved away from the 3-iron in favor of a gap wedge, and use a hybrid between the 3-wood and 4-iron.
  16. Same for me. Use the 60* most of the time around the greens unless I've got a ton of green to work with, then I'll use something with lower loft depending on how much roll out is needed (all the way down to 7 iron). I'm a firm believer in sticking with one club for most chipping duties unless you have a lot of spare time to practice a larger variety of shots/clubs.
  17. @Obee would also love to connect/hear your thoughts on competitive scene in SoCal (also relatively new to GolfWRX). I'm currently an SCGA member, but if there are other leagues/tournaments going on I'd appreciate any extra info. And is there a city/club championship calendar somewhere? A quick Google didn't pull up anything useful.
  18. That's kind of what I figured with the face being somewhere between a normal driver and 3 wood in face height. 14* or 15* 3-woods are already hard enough to hit well off the deck, especially with the longer shafts these days. Seems like it would be great off the tee though for players that struggle with a driver but hit their fairway woods decently well.
  19. Good to know, thanks! May see if I can hunt one of these down in the 14* or 16* loft just for fun ?
  20. How did the performance stack up for all 3 of these? I'm looking at all 3 of these irons right now, with a focus on dispersion. I also really like the value prop of the Cobras, plus the dark finish is my preference.
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