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  1. Anyone had a chance to compare the two for walking? I just started walking and I'm wanting some spikeless shoes because I quickly realized how important comfortable shoes are. I tried both on in the store but of course that's not realistic experience so I'm hoping someone can provide some insight on the positives and negatives of both. Really excited to be experiencing the game in a totally different way!
  2. Srixon is running a deal right now that I couldn't pass up. I typically use maxfli tour x but dicks recently raised the price of them so I started looking at something else. Saw the buy 2 get 1 free deal on srixon and decided to give it a shot. 3 dozen of a direct competitor to the Prov1 at almost half the cost per ball. Hurts a little less when I see it fly in the woods now.
  3. I'm literally in this forum trying to figure out this exact thing right now.
  4. Brand New Taylormade Masked Menace headcover from the recent vault release. Still in the packaging. Asking 150 but listening to all offers
  5. Just 2 things got sale today. Callaway rogue 3 wood Synergy 60r shaft loved condition Stock headcover included Price: 120 shipped obo T.P Mills mid-mallet headcover Brand new condition. Bought under impression that it would fit a spider x but it doesn't. Price: 50 shipped obo Only trades would be SWAG/TBC/Bettanardi mallet headcovers otherwise looking to sell.
  6. I wouldn't mind a search feature that would allow you to just search classifieds
  7. Where did you get that headcover?? I need something to represent the home state on the course
  8. I just swapped my golf pride MCC +4 for the St hybrid and it's basically the same grip with less taper. I personally like the hybrid style grip and this one fits the bill. I'd try it on one club before you swap over completely though.
  9. I play at a public course that has paperless beverage cart service
  10. Long story short I was an idiot and my bag fell off the cart. Of course everything else was fine but my driver shaft snapped so I was driverless all day. I had a Hzrdus yellow 6.0 and loved it. Now that I need a new shaft anyway I figured now would be the time to try something. Swinging 100-105. Using Cobra f9 head. Really like the counterbalanced shaft but didn't like how high my ball would fly with not much roll out.
  11. Tried them today. I think I have found my new ball and will be stocking up on them. Hurts a lot less when I lose a $2 ball vs a $4 ball
  12. I tried the maxfli tour x today and had great success with it. I was swapping it with pro v1x and couldn't see much of a difference. Flight looked similar which I was surprised by since it was a $25/dozen ball compared to a $48/dozen ball. Also the cover didn't look absolutely mangled after some wedge shots like the cut blue ball I was trying. I tried them based in the txg review and seeing some other WRX members recommending them. Definitely happy and will keep using them.
  13. I believe I will try the q star tour and the maxfli tour x. Those 2 seem to fit the bill the closest plus I can pick them up locally so that helps
  14. Okay so I need a budget ball that is more durable. I've been playing cut grey and blue. Both of those have terrible covers and after a few holes I end up having to change balls because it's so scuffed. So basically here's what I'm looking for: Durable Urethane cover 3 or 4 piece Great spin $30 Fairly soft Preferably yellow Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as well as first hand reviews
  15. It's major week so that's probably smart of him to go back to old faithful that you know exactly how it will perform
  16. Welp the new hot metals are definitely a let down for me. Maybe they will do a hot metal pro because that one looks chunky af to me
  17. Recently picked up some new dri fit material henleys to wear casually and wondering what people's opinion was of them for golf? Seems with the modernization of golf style recently then it might be a good call
  18. I put one in my f9 and it changed the weight a good bit. Don't have a scale to measure but I added a 8 grams of lead tape and it feels close to my friends f9 with an Atmos shaft that's in the same weight range. I was in the same boat as you and just decided to experiment with cheap tape before I committed to a specific (expensive) weight
  19. Update: tried the blue today. Definitely the cut ball for me for sure! Perfect iron spin and the wedge spin was something serious! My drives even seemed longer today than with the grey. The cover was still not durable at all. I've I wish they held up like pro v1s and Bridgestones. For some reason these balls show wear after just a few holes. If they could just make the cover more durable then I would play these exclusively.
  20. I've assembled pretty much my dream bag on a super budget. Sure it's not all fit for me but they work and I can't find anything else I even want to try. I have the driver, irons, wedges, and putter I've been drooling over for a while so I'm super content. Sometimes I'll catch myself just staring at my bag because it looks so good to me
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