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  1. Great looking clubs, just a heads up that if the HZRDUS shaft is a 6.0 that's a stiff flex by their standards. GLWS
  2. I have to reiterate what @wakit300 said, the Speedback versions from Cobra are really great smaller profile woods, I currently have the 5 wood version in the bag and just purchased a Speedback 3 wood via another GolfWRX member.
  3. In relation to "stock" shafts I found this information from the most recent GolfWRX Titleist TSi2/TSi3 review interesting: "With Titleist’s position as a premium golf brand, it is officially eliminating the word “stock” from its vocabulary and replacing it with “featured.” Yes, it’s just a name change, but it demonstrates just how far Titleist is willing to go to differentiate itself from its competition—even when it comes to its off the rack featured shaft offerings..."
  4. So this is what I originally landed on with the lead tape and to be honest it worked pretty well, this brought the headweight up to 201g no adapter. But I was still looking to go a bit heavier and luckily I was able to order additional weights via Cobra's customer service over the phone and have those shipped to Canada. As a result I've recently removed the lead tape and replaced the 6g weight with a 14g weight. The headweight is now at 205g with no adapter and I'm happy with the feel and results. Swing weight is currently sitting at D3.
  5. That was a great putt with a lot on the line, that win is big for a career like Laird’s. Nice to see for him and an entertaining finish.
  6. No the Scotty still wins there, I've just been enjoying the look of the rounded bumpers on the Soto, similar to the 009 shape as opposed to the Newport 2 shape of the Scotty
  7. It has a really great feel and roll to it, I was surprised by the quality of the feedback
  8. Thanks a lot! This model was originally released in 2006 and I picked it up in 2012 from the original owner
  9. Hi everyone, I recently acquired my unicorn putter via another WRX member and as a result I'm looking to offload some putters. Primary focus is on selling them, however, I'm open to hearing trade offers (Drivers or 3 Woods). I'm not entirely sure on where to price things, please feel free to shoot me any PMs or offers. Shipping is from Canada and to Canada and the CONUS, prices are in USD. Please see details and pictures below: 1) 35" Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport 2 SOLD This was my gamer for sometime, there are two nicks in the toe that were
  10. Currently in the process of tinkering with this, but at the moment I’ve added about 7 grams of lead tape. I previously had a Fly Z driver that I swapped the stock shaft out on and shortened it as well, but I never made any changes weight wise and really enjoyed that driver. So not sure where I’ll end up on this setup, but I’m liking it currently. I can post a picture of where I’ve added the tape if you’re interested.
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