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  1. I am finding it incredibly tough to pick which courses to play and which to save for another trip, haha. Alright I am pretty sure this will be the schedule... Day 1: Travel Day 2: Pine Needles (stay at lodge) Day 3: Pinehurst #4 Day 4: Pinehurst #2 AM / Cradle PM Day 5: Either #8 or Tobacco Road (leaning TR for now) Day 6: Travel
  2. Incredibly helpful as always to those that have commented! So what I'm thinking as of now... Day 1: Travel Day 2: Pine Needles Day 3: Cradle and #4 Day 4: #2 and #8 (depends on availability for 8 ) Day 5: Tobacco Road
  3. Very manageable drive and great planning - we'll be traveling from Houston so looking at flying into Raleigh on the 26th, arriving on property the 27th and then heading out on March 1st. We were looking at flying home on the 2nd but I may see if we can push it back to the 3rd; first time visiting the area so what's the rush if we're able to swing it? Lunch and cocktail after the round sounds epic.
  4. I'd love a podcast episode giving a breakdown/analysis on yours and Bob's favorite courses, ranked, then build out your favorite holes from #1-18. Would offer up some good debate between the two of you and I'm curious to see how y'alls ranking looks compared to mine. Would like to hear what matches/games y'all have planned for this year's trip too. SIgn me up if you figure out a auction/competition/plan for the 4th spot!
  5. If I had to pick between Pine Needles, Mid Pines, and Dormie, which one would you recommend? It's becoming more evident that I should consider adding another day to our trip haha.
  6. Looks like a great schedule - are you checking out on the 28th? If so, smart to get in another round that morning. I may need to follow suit... I will call up to Reservations and see about adding a round on #8.
  7. Fellow WRXers - I pulled the trigger on the Titleist package at Pinehurst and booked this afternoon. It will be my first time visiting Pinehurst, even North Carolina, and would really appreciate some insight. End of February. My trip looks like the following... Saturday: Cradle and #4 Sunday: #2 and ?? Monday: Tobacco Road and ?? I’ll be on a tight schedule so hoping for recommendations on what course to loop Sunday afternoon (on property) and then Monday either before or after Tobacco, before heading back home on Tuesday. I might convince th
  8. Still on mats unfortunately, but I’ll definitely take that over irons-only!
  9. I’m booked for February 27 and 28! Playing #2, #4, and Cradle. May try to sneak in #7 also. Definitely going to play Tobacco Road on March 1st too! @mci711 you can skip the club fitting and they have a 14 day cancellation policy for a full refund of your deposit ($300/pp).
  10. Following along to this thread very vicariously... I loved the podcast you put together @shackmangolf listened a couple of times through and hope y'all do another one for next year!
  11. What would this type package look like during the summer? I mean from what I've seen and read, it sounds like it's a killer deal. What would be the draw back for pulling the trigger? Weather?
  12. Love the new Chevron training center, champions fire pit, and the fact that you can hit woods on the range now! Not to mention the massive putting green. The tourney did the course some good. I'll be playing at Gus on Sunday!
  13. #2, probably my favorite par 3 along with #15 Course is in incredible shape right now, as you could imagine. The greens were slower on Sunday than I was expecting, they definitely let them grow out since the tourney.
  14. Thinking about adding Tobacco Road as well, if everything works out!
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