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  1. I play a lot of courses with elevation changes that have lots of blind shots ...using the app speeds up play I can easily check hazards to clear and distances and select a club. If in playing a course I know wel or it is flat then I just use a range finder. It shouldn’t take someone more than 20 seconds to view the app and make a decision. Pace of play is definitely slowing down but I think it’s from courses overbooking and lot of new to sport golfers who can’t play at a reasonable pace.
  2. Ended up going to the pga superstore to have my driver shaft changed from a ping to a taylormade. Picked it up and on my first swing the shaft snapped right at the hose where the paint was sanded away from install. On my way hole from the course I stopped in the superstore and the guy tells me that they can only refund me the price for install of tip and tells me that happens when you retire a shaft. I figured I went to a professional to do it so it would be done right and they would know not to sand down too much and weaken the shaft. I work with graphite/plastics/‘metals for a living
  3. Are both shafts tipped for the g400 I’m looking to try some new shafts already own the g400 would you sel the shafts separately
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