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  1. Have you wanted to try a very forgiving driver? Have you been itching to get your hands on something from PXG? Well, you're in luck! I have for sale one PXG 0811XF head at 9 degrees of loft. I think the previous person put some hotmelt into it to deaden the sound a bit, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. There's a bit of scratching around a couple of the wight ports and some marks on the face from sandy balls, but none of that affects usability in any way. It's just been sitting around in my office for way too long, and I'd like to see it go to a good home. Comes with the super cool leather headcover but no wrench! One-hundred and fifty dollars in US money dollars via PayPal to have this pup shipped to your door. SOLD TO THE MAN IN THE WHITE HAT! WHERE DID HE GET THAT HAT?
  2. I’d really prefer cash right now. Feel free to shoot me an offer via PM though.
  3. Howdy y’all. I’ve got three putters and a few head covers to get rid of. Unfortunately, things have suddenly gotten very tight for me, and this stuff has to go. No trades as of now. First up is the holy grail of Materas - a 35” GSS Matera only available to GSS Club members ($2800/yr and sold out) with a welded pipe neck and blank tri-sole. Honestly, I’m pretty miserable about having to let this one go. Frequent lurkers of this forum may recognize this putter, and that’s because I literally just bought it off of here about two weeks ago. However, my circumstances have changed pretty drastically, so I won’t be able to hang onto it. Comes with limited edition Lion head cover from Piretti. Price is $1700. The last putter is just a standard 35” Piretti Matera. Also acquired off of here, I would classify it as in “typical gamer” shape. The only really noticeable wear on the finish is a nick taken out of the top line. I’ve tried to picture that as clearly as possible. As you can probably tell, I absolutely love this head shape. The stock red Iomic Piretti grip is in decent condition, but may need replacing soon. If you’ve been wanting to try a Matera or Piretti in general, this is a great starting point. Headcover will be included for transport. SOLD! FInally, I have a Lamb Crafted Flag headcover. I don’t know much about it, but it doesn’t fit any putters I have, so it’s gotta go. Seems like it will only fit true blade style putters, didn’t seem to have any luck with it fitting well on the Matera or any other mid-mallets. SOLD! pin 9/20 We have a 35” INOVAI 6.0 with a Stability Tour shaft (installed by BGT). This is is an absolute machine - I have never had more success on the greens with a putter. It’s the heel shafted model, so it has a bit of toe hang from the factory. However, the stability shaft changed the weight distribution, so it’s actually face balanced now. The combo of the steel face with the FIT face milling and the aluminum wings for stability make thing a monster. Currently has a Golf Pride Tour SNSR on it. Flawless condition. PUTTER AND HEADCOVER ARE SOLD!
  4. Wait, is the length 33” including the extension, or is it 33” plus an extension of unknown length?
  5. So, uh, I definitely just spent way too much on a putter and absolutely need to get rid of some of this stuff! Send offers on everything! First up is a set of Edel SLS-01 irons in 37.5 length with stiff shafts. They feel absolutely amazing and I absolutely love the single length concept, but something has to give. Buy these and never be afraid of a 4-iron again! Very light chatter, but that’s about it. These are crazy expensive new! No real face wear at all. Price is 750 675 OBO! Next up is a Scotty Cameron CX-02. I’ve been wanting one of these for quite a while and finally found one but, again, sometimes you have to sell things you love to buy other things that you love even more. Absolutely mint - no wear, no markings. Price is 400 350 OBO. Finally, we have a very special club. I originally got it because of my boy golfsidekick always talking about it in his videos (waddaplaya). I had a Graphite Design AD stiff shaft put into it, and I put a MCC+4 midsize grey grip on as well. This is a hell of a driving iron - in the right hands, this thing is an absolute beast. Sadly, I just don’t have the skill or the swing speed to justify keeping this thing around. It needs to go to someone who can really rip it as it deserves to be ripped. I’ve hit it a total of 8 times, so the head is about as minty as anything. SOLD!
  6. Ugh, I’ve spent so much time staring hungrily at the eBay listing for that Matera. If I was finishing law school right now instead of starting it, I’d snap that up in a heartbeat. GLWS!
  7. Hey all! I have too much stuff, and some of it needs to go before my girlfriend throws me out a window. All prices are shipped CONUS. Make offers! 1. PXG 0811X 9* Head Only - $SOLD Acquired from a member on here, this head is in great condition. There are a few small scuffs on the sole, but otherwise this head is in mint condition. Pictures tell the story. No official head cover, but will ship with a generic one for protection. 2. PXG 0811XF 9* Head Only - $200 Head is in pretty solid condition. Directional scuffs along the sole, and there are a couple of sandy ball marks on the face of the driver head. The past owner also put in a bit of hotmelt to knock down the sound profile of the head. Pictures tell the story, and it comes with an official PXG head cover. 3. Vessel Player 2.0 Stand Bag 6-Way - SOLD I bought this on a whim and ended up not needing it. It's an incredibly well-made bag, has carbon fiber legs, and is as luxurious of a stand bag as you will find. 4. Project X LZ 6.0 4-P - SOLD These are pulls that I bought thinking I would make my own set of clubs. Law school is starting up, and it's pretty clear that I won't have the time to do that. The shafts and bands are in great condition with no blemishes, and the grips are all B/W NDMCCs with about 50-60% life left. The longest shaft has a SuperStroke grip on it. The shortest shaft is 34.5 and the longest is 37.5.
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