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  1. Haha lots of interesting comments on here, appreciate all your comments guys. I will wait for our store re-open here and try some of them, especially Ping, lots of recommendations from here. and Yes I’m currently taking lessons, from scratch newbie never hit a golf ball to 94 shooter consistently.
  2. what I meant is I'm using fairway wood off the tee on a par 5, sometime I'm using fw to hit on the ground on a long par 5, I didn't mean I'm gonna try to reach par 5 in 2, just want closer to the pin so have a short chip or bum and run to the hole
  3. Hi all, Sorry if this topic has been discussed in the past. I'm a high hc golfer,18-20hc. I want to have a fairway wood in my bag to attack par 5 or maybe off the tee. My current set is iron from 7-gap wedge, and I'm using hybrid for 5 and 6hybrid. We're in current lockdown so unfortunately I'm unable to try out any clubs here, but want to have one and ready to play when things re-open. Ideally is 5 wood or 7 wood with higher loft and shorter shaft, I tried 3 wood before but gave up! Just need something have the most forgiving and easy to control. Thanks in advance.
  4. I really like Cobra since their F8, recently got a full radspeed iron and driver, Which fairway is the most forgiving you guys can recommend?
  5. Thank you so much, unfortunately we are in lockdown here in Toronto. mai I ask whats golftown original price for the set?
  6. Where did you guys find this set at discount? I'm in Canada but unable to find any decent deal. Thanks.
  7. I just got the Cobra radspeed one length with graphite shaft. Unfortunately unable to hit it on the range yet. Any one else have tried this set? Thanks
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