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  1. Just returned from Pinehurst, it was a great trip. Were have 12 guys of different backgrounds so it's not a bucket list trip but we try to blend some better and good values! We played Talamore, Mid South, Hyland GC and Legacy! Hyland was rough but the greens were decent! We knew it wouldnt be amazing but $50, Legacy was in good shape! Talamore and Mid South were superb! greens about a 12 they said and beautiful!! thanks for the help in planning and hope this is useful for anyone else! We didn't drive over 15 min. to anything and that is a real benefit!! KB
  2. Hey Dave, sorry for the gap in replying....this doesnt seem to notify me when someone replies! Yes, were always up for a good place to eat/ always like the sports bar set up something that 12 of us could get into without a wait!!! Oh, we rented VRBO, in pinehurst. thanks!!
  3. Will do, 3rd week of august. Thank you for all the feedback!! Seems the aerating is falling in line for us! (most done in early july). We booked Talamore, MidSouth, Hyland Hills, Legacy, and finish back at Talamore! 108 holes in 4 days....we'll have some sore backs!! Excited for sure!! KB
  4. We have a group coming to pinehurst in august and have Mid Pines, Legacy, Talamore on the list. It's not a bucket list trip, so were looking for the best value for one more course. under $100, looking for good conditions especially greens. I've considered Hyland GC, and wonder how it compares to whispering pines, and the courses in that tier....etc. thanks Keith
  5. Sorry for the confusion but we pick a different destination each year however, we come form Tenn. Indiana SC NC and Ohio. Were looking for somewhere that once we arrive there we don't drive over 20 min. to reach a course! We want the most course for $80-$100 per round! We prefer a vrbo house that holds 12. Really would prefer an hour and half drive or less from the airport. Ultimately what i do is look for housing, easy access from an airport, then I start checking out the courses! Which is why I'm asking different locations for golf. I've already checked housing and access point. Hope that helps some. thanks for your help KB
  6. Yea just in the wrong direction!! Even kicking around Augusta...you ever play there?
  7. Yea i hadn't heard of Reynolds, i'm checking it out! Are those courses top quality? Nothing is booked and some of us are coming from Myrtle Beach so that is on the close side for us!! I like the idea of not driving much!! KB
  8. Thanks for the info!!! That seems like what we'll do!! Looking at staying in the Suwanee area. That seems to be central? KB
  9. Pinnacle Point Golf Club in Mossel Bay South Africa! My wife is from there and her family is still! Before children we went wild playing these courses in the area. I'd say pound for pound the best golfing mecca that no one knows!!!! Google Garden Route Golf. at an exchange rate of 15-1 $125 for this course is a steal! Best views you may ever see! https://pinnaclepointestate.co.za/golf-club/
  10. Late august we are taking 12 guys down to atlanta, were looking at the suwanee area but housing is tricky. So we wanted to see if there were some good public choices South side of the airport or nearish? SE something in that region. I've see wolf Creek for sure on here. thanks Keith
  11. Anyone play golf in charleston and can give me a recent condition update for courses like Charleston Nat'l, Dunes West, StonoFerry, Rivertowne, Wescott??? thank you, we have a large coming in september and want good conditions.
  12. thanks for the info!!! I hope to have a way to check in on course conditions as it gets closer but I appreciate your insight!
  13. Hey there, I'm new to the site but we are taking a trip to Charleston in september for 12 guys. I'm looking for 4 courses that fall into categories of best conditions, playability and cost of $120 and down! we do a couple days of 36 if you know who does great replays as well. I appreciate the insight! Sounds like Charleston Nat'l is a good one, Dunes West also. thanks in advance!!! Keith
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