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  1. I love my 60* and have a 48* in my iron set. I didn't want to get too precious, so I aimed to fill in the gap with just one more wedge and landed on a 54* SM7. Ended up being a much more versatile club for me than my old TM 56*. I don't know if I like the dynamics of the Vokey more or if it's the options I can lay down with that one club at 54* now.
  2. Vater

    Driver options

    Thanks for the rundown of options. I agree with your root assessment that maybe I need to work on the swing more than the equipment... You touch upon the very reason why I wasn't considering draw versions of drivers - I tell myself, well, you'd want to fix that bias before getting something that accommodates that... But I guess if that were really true, folks wouldn't use GI irons, mallet putters, hybrids...........
  3. Vater

    Driver options

    @vadersfather, @wcdixon - shortening the shaft makes a lot of sense and I may try that before changing out the driver. My only cause for pause is that the Jetspeed I mentioned in my original post was long shafted - people even wrote articles about it - and it was great for me.
  4. Vater

    Driver options

    Thanks for your responses thus far, folks. @wcdixon, @KING246 - I haven't been in front of a machine in forever, so I'm not sure of my swing speed, but I'm certain it's very average, 85-90 maybe? My drives can range from 200-220 +/- 15. I have a frustrating fade that trails off... I believe most people would just call that a slice, haha. And while I can drill the same spot on the face of my irons over and over, I'm all over the face of the driver - if anything, I tend to hit on the heel.
  5. Vater

    Driver options

    I'm pretty familiar with the Sim and handled one in the past few months. But I haven't checked out the G410. What's so good about it? The only Pings I've ever swung were my buddy's old Eye2s..............
  6. Vater

    Driver options

    Which drivers from the past five years to current day would you suggest I try given these data points: 1. My current driver is a 2016 M2 9.5* that I play at 8* 2. Thinking back, one of the best drivers for me was the Jetspeed (anyone remember that one?) 3. Doesn't have to be TaylorMade I love the M2 and wouldn't get rid of it even if I pick up a new driver. But you know how it is, gotta keep scratching those itches...
  7. Vater

    Brand reputation

    Some of these are right on the money. And some are pretty hilarious. And I guess the low-key racism in some of your responses is just an added bonus for all of us to enjoy.
  8. I think I've seen some versions of this topic on here and on the world wide web in general... But I wanted to ask this community directly: Fair or not, what are the one-liner reputations of golf club brands? An example could be: Titleist - premium and classic. Or better yet, a more humorous example would be: Titleist - uptight and boring.
  9. Clubs: Vokey 54* S grind SM7 Other: Cheap net on amazon - I'm lucky to have a basement where I can take full swings
  10. I picked one up this year. Tried some used drivers and the new stuff available now. Almost pulled the trigger on an M6. But I couldn't get over a 2016 M2 I tried. Came across a ton of 2017s and a few 2016 10.5 ones in tough condition. Then the heavens parted and I found a sweet 2016 9.5* M2. So beasty. Feels so good. Crushes it. Such a big improvement in my flight path than my old drivers.
  11. I play a 1/2 TM and 1/2 Titleist bag right now and if I had to just go to TM, I think I'd be fine from driver to putter. I'm actually not sure if I'd be ok going all Titleist as I haven't gotten along with their woods.
  12. Maybe a case of changes in the new model where the old model will suit you better? Of course a lot depends on loft and grind, but my SM7 54* S grind is so diverse and easy.
  13. My #1 is a 2016 M2 9.5*. It's a legend. Leagues better than my old drivers, yet the newest drivers out there aren't so much better that it's even close to worth the cost.
  14. Yes, my 60* hi-toe is sweet out of bunkers. And I grab the 54* for chipping. But I've found my 60* to be GREAT at super short pitch/chip/flop shots. I open it way up and take advantage of the grooves going up the whole face. I picture slicing a knife under something on a cutting board and I get a shot that's like putting english on a billiard ball.
  15. I feel like covid has reinvigorated an interest in golf around the world. Among our community here, I was wondering how it's had an effect on your equipment.
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