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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but there are such things as hybrid sand wedges? Who makes them and what are they like? I completely understand the use case and think it's great that there's equipment to help folks play forever, but follow me on this - even if you're using SGI clubs with friendly shafts, you'd probably still use regular wedges with somewhat stiff shafts, right? Considering the shot type and swing, not much to wrestle with. So if you're playing hybrids all through your irons, couldn't you use a wedge built like a game improvement iron? Or is that actually what a hybrid wedge i
  2. This is great, much obliged. So you're telling me there's more than Ping, Odyssey, and TaylorMade.
  3. I find myself being a fan of the wing/fang putters. I believe in the physics and they look better to me than the half moon shaped or two ball alignment (for example) type of putters. I used a blade for a long time and like the look, but I just think I put better with something with more mass and balance.
  4. So good - thank you, gents. Got lots to look into now, I didn't know of 80% of these.
  5. Down to the putter in my perpetual reconfiguring of my bag... I'd love to hear of some cool/off the beaten path/even just slightly lesser known putters that y'all like. I just don't have interest in pulling the trigger on a Newport or Spider (thought I'm sure I eventually end up with one or both).
  6. Just here to say that I too love my 60* shot options and have had one in my bag for a long time. Above that, I used to have a 56* and felt like it skewed/overlapped too much with the 60*. The 54* I've been using gives me a much better spread in terms of distance and also a slightly different - and more useful - view of the shots I take with it.
  7. Driver: Honma Beres 07 5-Star = $4500 3W: Honma Beres 07 5-Star = $4500 Hybrid: Honma Beres 07 5-Star = $4450 Irons: Honma Beres 07 5-Star = $27,000 Wedges: Honma Beres IS-06 5-Star = $12,900 ($4300 x 3) Putter: Top Flite 2020 Gamer = $60 Grand total = $53,410 Less about 2.75 bitcoin you found under your bed = $1000 These clubs have got to be a joke, right? Just trying to cash in on folks burning cash and looking dumb while doing it? I'd love to see if they have any technical merit whatsoever. I didn't even know they existed until I
  8. TaylorMade V Steel 3W. Original everything on it. Still money off the tee when the situation is tight.
  9. Titleist. You won't regret the quality. And "matching" your irons to your wedge maker isn't a bad thing.
  10. FWIW, I started my five year old with a hybrid that was the right length for his height. It was kind of dumb luck where it was one of the few clubs that fit him and wasn't a toy at my local golf shop. From what he's told me, the size of the head made him feel like he could hit better. That experiment was a success and I quickly got him a whole set (Wilson) with a driver, short iron, wedge, and putter. Conveniently again, starting with the hybrid was a good way to go because it was club that wasn't also in the set. Good luck on your journey - my boy and I have been hitti
  11. Vater

    Matching Wedges

    Also, to the end of your original point, OP - I do like the logic of going with one maker for "anything in my bag that is built like an iron" and one maker for "anything in my bag that is built like a wood". (I happen to count hybrids in the wood category because of the type of shaft, length, and head shape. I know some think of them as irons.)
  12. Vater

    Matching Wedges

    I've done a mix of everything - Cobra irons and Cleveland wedges, TM all the way up and down the bag, mostly TM wedges and then one Vokey, then mostly Titleist/Vokey wedges with one TM... I've recently went with Titleist/Vokey for all my wedges from my set gap wedge to my sand and lob wedges. I don't think it's due to consistency in terms of brand or look, I just think the quality of the Vokeys is unparalleled. And it might just be dumb luck, but the heavier AMT shaft I have in my set gap wedge, the DG shaft in the 54*, and then the Nippon shaft in the 60* - which might be the best
  13. Vokey SM7 60* S grind. Slate Blue limited edition. The Nippon Modus3 125 shaft is SMOOTH. Even the BV grip multi-compound grip is a nice touch. I love the darker finishes of the brushed steel I have on my 54* and this slate blue.
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