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  1. I guess a related question I have is why do better players iron sets have one or zero wedges after the PW and GI/SGI sets always have a GW, sometimes more than one? Is it to cover the lofts to a traditional PW range? Is it to provide a normal gapping to then go into specialty wedges? Or I suppose it's like what most people are saying here - they're going to take a full swing with something in the 46*-50* range anyway, so might as well have a club that's built just like the other irons.
  2. For those of you using better irons, players irons, are you using the set GW/AW or are you stopping at the PW? I know this conversation has been had on whether or not to use the set wedge or a specialty wedge, and the majority of people use the set wedge and treat it like an extra iron. But I was wondering if that thought changes with players irons, which among other factors, have more traditional lofts.
  3. Listening to the words you yourself have used, I’d go with option 4, which I think is in the minority here. You need a driver. After that, just go to an all iron look. Sounds like you don’t need hybrids or fairways for that matter. Kinda unique. Kinda cool.
  4. Are all your wedges from the same series? For example, among your non-set wedges, are they all SM8s or all T22s or all RTX Zipcores? Or are they mixed - some SM6s and one SM8, for example? Or a couple T22s and an RTX? I’m thinking of changing my 48 and 54, probably to the same model as each other, but keeping my SM7 60* as-is. I guess my question is, when you change your wedges, do you change all of them?
  5. I’m fine carrying all 14. And I’ve worked on fine tuning the top of my bag - replacing my 3W with a 5W, reshafting my 4i (and 5i) with Recoils. The only reason this came to mind was when I recently actually thought about how many strokes are accounted for by the putter. I then thought about how often I use my driver and so forth. I’ve come to the conclusion that thinking about how many strokes you take with a club out of your total score isn’t the way to think about. It’s much more useful to think of how many holes you use a club on - then I imagine most of us use everything in our bag at least once, if only just once for certain clubs.
  6. That's right, and that's where my mind went. Going back to my point on whether you look at it out of total shots/strokes, or total shots without counting putts, or number of times you pull out the club during a round, you go from actually needing to carry only 6-8 clubs vs 12-14 clubs. Although I really like my 4 iron, I could probably drop that one. And I think my 9 iron doesn't get enough use to stay if push came to shove. And my lob wedge would probably be in the same camp as the 4 and 9 irons, but I wouldn't drop it for "just in case" reasons. And to further justify the lob wedge to myself, that one perfectly high and soft chip could be the difference between a clean-up one putt and running past the hole/off the green for a 2-3 putt. And the feeling of airdropping a chip like that is hard to replace. Back to the point of the question: Could easily drop: 4 iron 9 iron Could also be fine dropping: 5 wood 8 iron Lob wedge (with reservations) So I guess I'm telling myself that I'm fine with my gapping between driver/3 hybrid/5 iron and also 7 iron/PW. I think that's due to me not being dialed-in enough, or relying more on three-quarter/smooth/full swings with the 7 iron or PW instead of properly swinging the 9 and 8 irons..............
  7. Since the last episode, the putter has changed and the bag itself has changed. These two pics show just as much as all of the individual pics. Most of the shafts are stock, meaning the ones in the woods are TM "made for", Ventus Red and Atmos Orange; Tensei Blue in the hybrid; Recoils in the 4 and 5 irons, AMT Reds in the rest of the irons; DG S200 in the 54, and Modus 3 in the 60.
  8. I keep posting this in various forums to keep sharing my exuberance. Getting a 33" wasn't as easy as I thought it would be, but I found one and it eventually got delivered to me. Can't complain - nowhere near the waiting many of you are facing with your irons.
  9. I haven't calculated mine, but I was wondering what your spread of clubs used looks like during an 18 hole round. For example, let's say you shoot 100 and use your 7 iron six times, then that's obviously 6% of all your shots/strokes. Or if you putt 40 times, then that's 40% of your shots/strokes. And if you take the driver out on 12 holes, then that's 12% of your shots/strokes. So what does your distribution look like? Maybe it makes a difference if you base it off of all shots/strokes or if you base it off of all non-putt shots? I guess the percentages would be bigger, but the ratios would be consistent. In my example above, you're using your 7 iron six times out of 60 shots, or 10% of the time and you're using your driver 12 out of 60 shots, or 20% of the time. I bet I use my 9 iron like 2% of the time (2 shots out of 100)... Or maybe you need to think of it as how many times you use the club during a round? Then my 9 iron would jump to 11% of the time (twice during 18 holes)...
  10. I agree. I've said a few times on here that I don't think I know what the guys I play with use... One guy has some kind of yellow shaft on his driver, but I don't even know what that is. I know another guy plays Pings in general, but I'm not really sure what. But so many people on here act as if it's important that people know they're playing this or that with such and such shaft. Meanwhile, I think of the guy playing some dusty Callaways who routinely shoots lower than us. To my point above, if it's about your enjoyment and preferences, then by all means, spend your money on what you want. The reality is that none of us play well enough to justify even a fraction of what we spend on our clubs, hahahaha.
  11. I’m all about the Newport 2 I just bought, but I can admit that it’s just a carved piece of metal on the end of a stick. But man, is it a gorgeous, buttery slab of metal. I think if you’re going to question the difference b/t a Scotty and a $100 putter, you should question your preference for anything. Why did you buy the clubs you play? You could’ve just bought the “everything including the bag” set of clubs from Walmart. Why did you buy the bag you use? Surely there’s no real difference there - an $80 bag will still hold and carry your clubs. A $17K car will still get you to where you want to go. A $40 watch will still tell you the correct time. And is NY pizza any better than a slice from anywhere else? How about Kansas City barbecue? The real answer is that none of it makes a difference - you’ll still be able to successfully play the game, you’ll still be able to accomplish the intended action, you’ll still get the calories needed to survive. But it also makes all the difference to enjoy something delicious, to understand and feel the vibration of a Swiss made automatic, to control the torque and handling of a naturally aspirated inline six… and to grab a beautiful hunk of metal at the end of a stick, to make the perfect roll on a urethane sphere, somewhere out among the grass, trees, water, and fresh air.
  12. Continuing the pics of beauties above this post with something not as rare, but she's mine and she's so pure. Crisp and simple, and the balance is so good.
  13. 33" Newport 2. My first Scotty. Of course I've rolled Scottys before (and tested before buying), but there's something about having your own. Exceeds expectations, which is saying a lot considering this might be one of the most hyped items in all of golf.
  14. My Special Select Newport 2 came today. I know that everyone doesn't have a Scotty, but I also realize it's not all that rare - but this one is mine! I don't think I've ever been this stoked about club. I gave it an inaugural roll for a 6' putt on a mat in my basement and sank it pure. On to posting this in multiple forums on here.
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