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  1. Answers to my own question: A. Titleist 718 AP1 PW and GW, SM7 SW and LW B. Yes C. 43/48/54/60 D. S grind on 54 and 60 E. AMT Red in set PW and GW, DG S200 in 54 and Modus3 Tour125 in 60
  2. Always interested to know which wedges folks are using - always zooming in on that for WITB, picking up on comments/mention of them, glancing at signatures on posts... So thought I'd try to bottle some of it up in one thread. A. What wedges are you using (which also answers whether or not all your wedges match one another)? B. Do your wedges match the maker of your irons? If not, what irons do you play? C. Starting with your pitching wedge, what is the gapping of your wedges (which also answers how many wedges you play)? D. What bounce/grind? E. What shafts do you have in your wedges?
  3. Current: Driver - SIM Max 10.5 (playing at 10.5 or 9.75); Ventus Red 5 (made for) FW - M6 5W; Atmos Orange (made for, obviously) Formerly: Driver - 2016 M2 9deg; HZRDUS T800 (the one that came in European Epic drivers) FW - early 2000s V-Steel 3W; original M.A.S.2 shaft Big turning forward of the calendar and big improvement in that part of my game.
  4. Thanks for validating my urge to get it replaced even though there's no functional issue. I went in, showed it to them and they did it right then, didn't have to wait for orders ahead of me to be taken care of first.
  5. I just noticed this after getting my 4 and 5 iron reshafted with Recoil 780s. It's a light cut/scratch on my 5 iron. Goes around about 60% of the way. I don't feel like going through the hassle of bringing my club back in and waiting for them to service it. Anything to be concerned about or is it just cosmetic? The first pic is with the toe pointing up and the second is with the toe pointed to the ground. Anything to consider in light of where the scratch is on the shaft, shaft material, that it's a 5 iron, etc.? Or is the graphite so thick that it doesn't matter?
  6. So good. Thank you, much obliged.
  7. I think you've stumbled upon something great for you and you should go with that shaft. Don't worry about the stigma? of using an A shaft. Don't worry about future proofing changes to your swing - I mean, you're swinging 100 mph. Enjoy this one and maximize your performance. Some other thoughts to help you get over the hangups: I bet this shaft is like R flex in other current shafts and I don't even know how stiff they would rate it compared it to shafts from 15 years ago. Don't get sucked in to the twisted thinking of golf where going with what fits you can be something to be judged or where you're trying to buy gear for a future version of yourself. What I mean is, think about tennis, baseball, etc. Athletes don't avoid equipment that fits them based on how it might be perceived. Now, maybe that's because they didn't do something dumb and label certain outfield gloves or bats as "senior" or "amateur". Can you imagine if there was the thinking of, "I only use maple bats. Anyone who uses ash bats must be a lesser hitter than me."
  8. Does anyone have a picture - or just definitively know - how thick this shaft is down near the hosel? Does it have really thick walls and hardly a hole in the middle or is it more like a straw with thicker than average sides?
  9. I appreciate the much richer discussion on here than I initially expected. It's helped me think of things this way: Question 1: Would I play it off the fairway? Question 2: Would I play it in the rough? Question 3: Would I play it off the tee? 3W - only off the tee 5W - yes to all three 2H - yes to all three, but would be harder to launch 3H - yes to all three 4i - yes to all three After the driver, I feel like I have enough options where I don't need to carry around a "second drive option" club all the time.
  10. Is part of the question here about stigma to be completely honest? If you were swinging a bunch of X stiff shafts and a stiff one got mixed in and you hit best with that one, would it deserve mentioning? Or even a regular among a bunch of stiff options? Is it the fact that this one is labeled "A" that has you flummoxed? I absolutely understand all of it - easy to say stuff about enjoying the game and using equipment that works for you, but it's hard to actually use a ladies club, or buy super GI irons, or it used to be weird to play irons with graphite shafts... But you're not in that boat at all - you have a high swing speed and just happened to click with an A shaft. It's not because you're a weakling or something. And I bet more people use A shafts than they admit, especially on this site. Otherwise I don't think manufacturers would bother producing as many as they do and our local shops wouldn't carry as many as they do. I see a lot more A shafted drivers at my local shops than women's clubs and a ton of women are playing the game. Besides, who's ever going to know that you're wielding an A shaft on your driver? I could not tell you the flex of the shafts of even one of the guys I play with.
  11. Coming at this from a different perspective... Besides the fact that he was wrong, does it bother you? Does it take away distance or accuracy? Have you wanted to try a shorter driver? With all due respect - and GUARANTEED you're better than me - but it looks like the ball marks could benefit from a shorter shaft (unless those were from the guy you bought it from). And you know, we've all read how the pros use like 43" shafts...
  12. TaylorMade MG Hi-Toes took me away for a bit, but I came back with SM7s. So smooth. So solid. And really great finishes - brushed steel and slate blue. Though one of my Hi-Toes was a nice burnished copper.
  13. Looking at your signature, you seem to go by the beat of your own drum, too.
  14. Happy with this bag because it's the first time I believe that I've been realistic about where my game is. I got fit for the first time for certain clubs and shafts. I didn't decide to go with a cheap alternative instead of the club I wanted. I didn't adhere to the standard lineup that I mindlessly followed previously (driver, 3W... 4 deg between wedges). And I finally let go of - or at least changed the build of - a couple clubs that I held on to for sentimental reasons.
  15. I know I'm not doing this as prescribed, but thought I'd share my new bag. Clean, effective, realistic. Really happy and confident with this setup. For now.
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