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  1. Coming from the i500's these look just like them. Not sure why any one would want to change if they perform the same. I understand someone moving from i500's to i59s, 210s, or blue prints but not this.
  2. I will say my i500s handled the chatter pretty well. They still look really nice after at least 200+ rounds. I’m hoping the 59s hold up as well or better. Regarding iron covers nah boys don’t do that. Let them breathe and admire their sexiness. Like someone said before don’t put a sweater on Kate Upton.
  3. Buddy that is a bag!!!!!
  4. Just got mine in. Two rounds for tomorrow! Accra 125 X
  5. Those are sexy. Don’t think anyone will disagree with me! Got confirmation my fitter will have mine ready within a week or two.
  6. So any of y’all figure out a release date yet lol. I heard it was the 14th. God willing. Need to whip these bad boys out in cancun at the end of the month.
  7. My bad amigo. Can for sure agree with you on that one!
  8. Man I have heard different. That these were just as forgiving as the i210's. If you look at a lot of the Titleist pros they are not hitting the new T100s. Most of them are playing the ap2's or the last years model t100s. I chalk it up to they dont want to keep switching irons and play what they like.
  9. Alright guys just ordered my set 4-pw 125x Accra steel shaft. Tested against the t100s and found these to be a lot more consistent and forgiving in my opinion. I tested the 6 iron of each and found that the I59 was a tad bit larger than the t100s giving me a little more confidence in the longer irons. The dispersion was incredibly tight and the iron just felt great. They were soft in my opinion and sounded a tad clicky but that doesn’t matter to much to me. Excited to receive these whenever they may come.
  10. Anyone have any idea why more ping pros are not playing these irons? I’m a scratch golfer looking for a new set and have had my eye on these since the beginning but now am considering the t100. Have my fitting next Thursday so we will see.
  11. I currently use the i500's and have had them for a few years and they still look like they are in great shape. These are in the category of "forged" but hollow.
  12. I have been following this thread every day since it has started. I have not been this excited for a set of irons than this. Currently gaming the i500 and have gotten to be a +handicap and need something that I can work a bit better. Will be getting fit as soon as the heads come in and ordering these ASAP.
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