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  1. Yes, it's quite possible and more frequent than you'd think. Why? Because many D1 athletes are in school year-round. They remain on campus and take classes during the summer term to keep access to scholarship benefits/facilities/training staff. So while they may have only attended for three calendar years, they've had the benefit of at least two extra summer terms (three if an early enrollee). No idea if that applies to BDC, though.
  2. They are a tour spec iron, weaker lofted and less offset than the standard or single dots. Apparently approx 400 sets made. They are super, super buttery. I have a set, and though I'm not good enough for them, am having a hard time justifying parting with them for a more game improvement type iron.
  3. Fresh pulls. From a 50, 56, and 60. Stock lengths of 34.0, 33.5, 33.0. Nice shafts, just trying something else in the wedges for awhile. $50 shipped. SOLD
  4. Will future updates add a custom date filter? See my previous post for how this could be really helpful for us seasonal golfers.
  5. I'm just here for the circa 2009 Sofia Viagra pics. Anyone help a brother out?
  6. All prices are shipped USPS Priority. Not sure which of these I want to keep, so maybe you all can help me decide. Would also trade for AD DI 95X or 95S. Project X HZRDUS Black 6.0 85g, 42" .370 tip. Tip prepped but never installed. $60 Recoil F4 (stiff) Dart 75H from a Callaway Apex 2021 4H, stock length (40.0" per Callaway). $50 SOLD AD DI 75S has a Taylormade tip. Measures 40.0" from top of grip to bottom of adapter. Looks like it'll play 40.50" as installed in a R15 hybrid/rescue head. $100 for shaft alone, $125 with 19 degree R15 head. SOLD F9 10.5 degree head. Small scuff (not a pop-up mark) and a few scratches on face from sandy range balls. I'd rate it as 8/10 condition. Bomber driver gamed for a season, but found that I was using it turned down to 9.5 so went ahead and got a 9 degree head. $150 SOLD
  7. Hard to tell how much room is open up by the green to the right. If it's tight, probably driving iron out to the left and then chip on. If there's room, 3 wood and pray.
  8. But your courses must be in nicer shape than the goat tracks I play. No way do I have access to that sort of consistency in the tee area.
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