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  1. Yep, there's absolutely no rhyme or reason. My last couple of packages sent "2-day" or "3-day" Priority: OR to CA: 9 days OR to WI: 14 days VT to OR: 3 days MI to OR: 2 days OR to FL: 3 days MA to OR: 22 days (!)
  2. Yep. If I've listed it on a forum, I expect to be able to ship it within a day. For eBay Buy-It-Now or Facebook marketplace, I may list it and forget it. If I get an order when I'm out of town, I let the buyer know ASAP and give them the option of a refund or my expected shipping date. My cellphone has 4G coverage across 99% of my state (Oregon), even way out in the boonies. There's really no excuse for crappy communication.
  3. It's almost like the political appointee running the USPS doesn't want it to be better... I have shipped with them for the better part of 30 years, and only since DeJoy took over has it been anywhere near this level of shitshow.
  4. Yeah, programmatically anyway, these should be easy enough to implement. Select * from table where course=foo
  5. I would really like to see them add a custom date filter for viewing data. I live in the Pacific NW and my data from the winter (everything is wet) is very different than in the summer (nothing is wet). For the rounds I played earlier this year (January-March), I was averaging around 250 off the tee with my driver. Combination of cold air, muddy fairways, and winter clothing. In April, I think that average was closer to 290...warm and dry so far this spring and a lot of roll. I know I'm swinging faster this year than in 2020, but not sure how that's translated to driving
  6. Have a tracking number now. At least it was shipped USPS retail ground, estimated delivery sometime next year.
  7. Looking to replace my 4 iron. I have an AD DI 105x shaft just waiting for the perfect clubhead. Will consider full clubs too. Apex 2019 or 2021 (might entertain other recent Callaway) Cobra Radspeed, Speedzone, or F9 Shipping to 97405.
  8. Love the 2-day Priority promise...complete with not showing up in tracking until the day it was delivered to the buyer.
  9. Oof. So much "care" going on there.
  10. I did get a note from him today with an apology and an explanation of extenuating circumstances. We'll see if he makes it right but it's a start.
  11. I'm relatively new to GolfWRX but not new to the ways of the internet. Could happen on any BST forum...no worries.
  12. Agreed. I will get my money back via PayPal eventually. If @ScottHutch2 realized he wasn't going to be able to complete the transaction... just message me and send a refund. That'd be the end of it. Why carry on and waste both of our time? I don't understand the rationale here...
  13. Looks like he's chosen to continue to ignore this. Nice.
  14. And I don't think it's a scammer / account hacked issue... if it is, the scammer sure read up on iron shafts (based on the PMs we exchanged).
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