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  1. Yeah I can definitely have some trouble on partial shots. But I’m a little more confident in being steeper with irons and wedges because of how one would hit down on the ball. It’s the long irons/woods that give me the largest problems.
  2. @laneholt @Valtiel @glk I’ll definitely work on this take away and my position at the top. I’ll keep you all posted. I really appreciate the feedback and the help narrowing the flaws down.
  3. As a former baseball player that is definitely why I feel comfortable taking it back so late. And I guess the first flaw I tried to fix was avoiding a chicken wing and an extended lead wrist instead of flat or bowed. So for a temporary fix I ended up working really hard to pin that right elbow in and down and pre-set my wrists on the take away. And luckily I have enough speed to make that work. But of course if I’m not absolutely perfect I break down a ton. So I appreciate all the advice I am definitely going to work on these different feels to become more consistent.
  4. I have been working really hard to keep my slice at bay. I play at around a 11 hdcp and it’s that high because of my ability to keep the ball in play off the tee. For most of the summer/fall was able to find a feel that kept my swing inside to out. But as of today, I’m completely lost as to where I need to make a change and thought I’d come here for help. I’ve attached a video from the range today. and for reference I’ve attached a video of when I was hitting the ball much higher with a straight/draw ball flight most of the time. Any advice would be really helpful as I’m super lost.
  5. I have a pair in black. They are definitely that lighter material but do stretch enough. I’m 6’1 and the length is great! They are very slim fitting on me at least. So unless I have a slim fitting shirt on to match it can be tough to complete the look I’m going for.
  6. I am interested in purchasing if they are still available
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