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  1. Looking for either a set of project x LZ 5.5 pulls or a set of irons with those shafts already in them. Thanks.
  2. probably a long shot.. cleveland cg12 rtg dsg 50 degree wedge.
  3. I mean count how many times he said the word enjoy. It was obvious to me he didn't want to come off as a parent who was pressuring his kid to play. I understand it... His son seems game and unflappable.. he seems like a happy kid but then again tiger has seen guys like Sean O'hair up close and what an over bearing father looks like or maybe tiger felt that pressure from Earl. Anyway, it's a really interesting dynamic to observe. Tiger only recently started opening up with the media so I guess I've just gotten used to the older tiger woods so to see him behave this way is unusual but it used to
  4. Very uncomfortable press conference with tiger. Firstly, he appears to be in a lot of discomfort physically. He also seems to be nervous or anxious.. he doesn't finish his answers.. and he appears really apprehensive when answering questions about his son almost knowing the effect the media had on him and is now really Leary about his son entering that world. Of course obviously the push back to the reporter who asked the questions about the posters of nicklaus that wood hung on his wall and if his son had anything motivational or inspiring on his wall was clearly misinterpreted by woods. Stra
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