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  1. Any Canadians know when GolfTown will get this bag? I NEED it!!
  2. I play it and it's so fun. The point system we use is Bogey = 1 pt Par = 3 pts Birdie = 5 pts Eagle = 10 pts Keeps things somewhat tame. Also have a rule that if you let it ride a second time in a row, you now need to get par or better to accumulate more points.
  3. Really want this hat but it's only on the US site (I'm in Canada). Does anyone know if we'll eventually get it up here?
  4. I absolutely loved the look of this bag but the club tangle drove me insane (carrying 12 clubs) along with the narrow opening. Have moved onto a Nike Air Hybrid and couldn't be happier.
  5. My set is pretty much max forgiveness: Ping G410 SFT driver Snake Eyes Quick Strike 17*, 20*, and 23* hybrids (absolutely amazingly forgiving yet somewhat unknown to most) Ping Rapture V2 3-PW (only carry 6-PW) Vokey Pre-2009 non-conforming 52*, 56*, 60* wedges Cleveland Huntington Beach Soft 11 putter
  6. I absolutely love these Nike bags, the Air Hybrid is phenomenal. Here's my collection so far:
  7. And he watched me hit both sets of irons. It was actually hit suggestion to out the project X 6.0s into the rapture iron heads, I'm just assuming he isn't aware that the rapture iron heads are already high launching, etc. And I hadn't mentioned the other options to him.
  8. Actually in terms of bend, I'm standard lie. So black dot is perfect for me.
  9. I got fitted for irons and was told I need stiff flex shafts. The fitter also said I should definitely use the Ping Raptures for the added forgiveness. I currently own a set Bridgestone J28 DPCs with Project X 6.0 Flighted shafts, and a set of Ping Rapture Irons with AWT Regular Cushin shafts (bought both these sets used, Raptures are hard to come by so I pounced on them even though they were regular flex shafts) Getting completely new shafts and grips isn't an option for me due to the high costs associated with that process. My options are the following: 1) Take the Project X 6.0 shafts out
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