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  1. Anyone know what the true value of this bag is? Is it special? https://www.kijiji.ca/v-golf/city-of-toronto/jones-sports-oak-hill-golf-stand-bag-limited-edition/1578375719
  2. In this picture, on the left is my current Elevado putter with a SuperStroke grip put on in what I consider to be the normal/correct way. On the right is a putter Cero putter I just bought off someone who has put a SuperStroke grip on in an unconventional way, however he says he was watching someone on the PGA tour and noticed they had it this way, tried it out and says this is actually the way it's meant to be used. Is there any merit to what he is saying, or is it completely wrong and I'm gonna now have to go through the trouble of getting the grip re-adjusted to the proper installation?
  3. You probably gotta go Air Sport if you walk that much. Air hybrid is kinda heavy for walking as mentioned previously in here.
  4. Got a great deal on this mixed 919/900 set, I'm in love.
  5. Going to go buy these in about 9 hours from now, really good deal, can someone confirm they are le
  6. Any Canadians know when GolfTown will get this bag? I NEED it!!
  7. I play it and it's so fun. The point system we use is Bogey = 1 pt Par = 3 pts Birdie = 5 pts Eagle = 10 pts Keeps things somewhat tame. Also have a rule that if you let it ride a second time in a row, you now need to get par or better to accumulate more points.
  8. Really want this hat but it's only on the US site (I'm in Canada). Does anyone know if we'll eventually get it up here?
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