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  1. I upgraded everything but my irons and putter. Replacing RSI1s since it's been a while. And I just have an itch for all new stuff. My recent problems have been consistent distance. 7 iron ranges from 130-160.
  2. So you didn't notice the difference on flatter surfaces or opening up in the sand?
  3. I did yesterday. Added putts after each hole. I think it was kind of close where I was standing. I I immeadiately ordered the Superstroker adapter for my putter. Came today and played again and it worked very well. Love this system and how the company really seems to care.
  4. I play Taylormade RSI1s. And have always had the Cleveland gc15 wedges. I want to add some new wedges but cant decide between the CBX or the RTX4. Handicap anywhere from 10 to 16 right now. I am fairly good around the greens. Full wedge swings cause me the hit fat or high but I never get my distance right. Half swings, chips, around the greens you can invest in me. Play stiff driver cobra f9, changed from Taylormade rocketstage 2. That change was weird. And I play a red spider tour putter. Also thinking about upgrading my woods, they are the old white taylor burner superfast 2.0, old and beat up now. Thinking about matching the cobra f9 woods. Thoughts???? First time virgin poster in this group as well! Which ones to get?
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