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  1. Clearly Bryson read out posts after “the match” and has dialed in those approach shots!
  2. This says it all. Answer to OP is, absolutely not… And now back to the LPGA discussion
  3. Yes! Glad you remembered. Good stuff
  4. Bryson climbing today! Just tied the lead w/Brooks. Good stuff.
  5. The longer I’m here, the more I get a sense of everyone’s senses of humor. It’s become fairly easy to discern someone’s intent. Obviously not all can say the same
  6. Yes. He said get married or chase Wilt’s record… Doing both will end badly!
  7. I know who he is. Was just being silly.
  8. And it wouldn’t hurt to watch this.
  9. I can’t believe a class individual like AB would do such a thing. And Aaron Rodgers wasn’t suspended because the league and team knew he wasn’t vaccinated. Yet they both allowed him to continually violate the leagues protocols for unvaccinated players… Hmmmm https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/12/02/aaron-rodgers-wasnt-suspended-because-he-didnt-lie-to-the-league/amp/
  10. Watching all of last weeks game and now watching tonight. Elliott is a shadow of his former self. Astonishing how fast a player, especially a RB, can fall off in this league. Look at Todd Gurley. From offensive player of the year in 2017, rushing TD leader in ‘17 and ‘18, to out of the league. #kneeswerentmadeforfootball
  11. So refreshing to hear somebody say we are fortunate (anything positive) to live where we do! The last thing I read on here about living in CA was “I’d rather be murdered then set on fire than live in CA”. And his post got like 8/9 likes! YIKES. Still SMH when I think about that one… I mean you are certainly entitled to your opinion. But the tone of that was just so low class and crass. Oh well, I love it here
  12. Low in the world of professional athletes… But not bad for a rec. player!
  13. If you think a professional athlete needs to be articulate to achieve 20,000, you just don’t get it!
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