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  1. The other day I was looking at an article on the evolution of football. 1880 they went to 11 players a side, 1906 the forward pass was allowed, 1932 use of the flying blocks were banned... After each one of these rule changes some old guy that was use to the way it was, swore it was ruining the game and he’d never watch again! Love it. Some things will continue to change, yet some things will just never change in this world. Surprised some of you didn’t stop watching baseball after the 1880s when they allowed the pitchers to finally throw overhand! and if that didn’t ruin the game enou
  2. Actually really enjoying the runner starting on 2nd in extras. I’ve seen some really exciting games because of it. Dodgers/Padres game Friday night was a real blast to watch! It’s just baseball and entertainment to me. I don’t take it so seriously and just enjoy it
  3. Does that make it a Trussless?! I remember he won last year or the year before with a Truss with the truss in place. Then went back to the Spider the for his next start.
  4. I was also a big hardcore guy back in the day. Yeah, Green Day has changed a lot. Happens to most bands as time goes by. I saw them many times in Berkeley at Gilman Street when they were just getting started. One of the biggest draws at Gilman was a band called Operation Ivy. Lead singer quit and they became Rancid.
  5. To get your 1st hole in one, and to get it on video! Awesome
  6. Here we are about 15 games in and I’ve already seen some really great games! Love being back at the park as well. Ahhhh
  7. I remember in school when the teacher would ask if anyone had a question and all the kids were sitting on their hands, afraid to ask... The teacher would say “it’s ok kids, there are no dumb questions. Nobody will judge you.” Obviously Hawk isn’t a teacher! Hang in there Mark!
  8. If your 80! Haha. No seriously, I’m sure it happens. I’ve seen a few accidents around my area where someone gets ‘pedal confusion’ and drives into a business/restaurant. It’s always a senior citizen.
  9. I’d say downright atrocious. Time to permanently pull the driver from the bag!
  10. My 2nd spelling ereeer in two days. I’m so imbersed
  11. One more sleep til’ the Masters!!! Happy Masters eve! Tomorrow my schedule is... WATCHING THE MASTERS! haha
  12. Indeed. Just last week I was out playing. Had a pretty good day. Par 5, nice tee shot in the middle of the fairway, had 225 yards left to the middle of the green. Pulled my 4i (not a 3i but close haha) and absolutely pure it. What a feeling and what a joy to watch that ball just flying long and straight through the air and down the line and onto the green. Now that feeling is why I play and love golf. Still smile now thinking about it. Purred long iron, yeah, not much better.
  13. All I have for you is 7 AL West tiles since Beane became GM Haha. Considering their very low payroll (comparatively speaking) they are typically quite competitive. Epstein won the WS in 2016 with the Cubs. Big sabermetrics guy. I think it really got traction in MLB because it gave small market teams a chance to compete with the powerhouse teams with the bottomless pockets. Had to find a way to get creative to find guys that could help you compete without breaking the bank. The hidden gems if you will. I respect them for getting creative and finding a solution to try and compete with
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