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  1. Give the guy a break! He’s been saving that shot on his Motorola Razr for 20 years for this very moment!
  2. Hammersia sent me a PM. The guy that engraved that wasn’t British… Therefore, yes you guessed it, it’s irrelevant. He said nice try though!
  3. Came out great! Daaang, I just love that bark! #blackgold
  4. The wink after his “extra 50 yards” comment leads me to believe he realizes he isn’t going to actually gain 50 yards. And here I am responding on his behalf again! Haha
  5. He already won the US PGA championship! Haha. Call the tournament’s what you want. IMO anyone that gets their panties in a bunch over the particulars of the official titles needs to GAL.
  6. Sure “the team” would handle it I’d be willing to bet they already have a response in the pipeline ready to go!
  7. He put together 4 great rounds. If anyone says he was lucky to win this… Well, we can agree to disagree. Good day sir.
  8. That’s what I’ve heard. Tot hack!
  9. How many guys at 24 or younger had multiple major victories? Rarified air.
  10. Canned water. More ocean, less plastic
  11. Colin’s new putter didn’t get the memo that he’s not a good putter!
  12. Put this Costco prime 13 pounder on at 4am PST.
  13. The guts of a burglar??? Uh, ok. Haha
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