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  1. I’m a long time Titleist driver player that has also owned TM, Callaway, and Ping drivers. I always go back to Titleist. If you love your 915 and love the sound/feel, stick to a Titleist driver. For me noting beats the solid feel and sound of the Titleist drivers. The last non-Titleist driver I owned was a G410 max. Sounds/feels like a hollow can compared to Titleist IMO. Therefore should you try a new Titleist driver? I say def go to a fitter or retailer and get on a launch monitor with a TSi. The Titleist drivers came a long way starting with the TS line. Compare the numbers to ur 915. I’d s
  2. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    Absolutely. I was wondering the same thing.
  3. From what I’m hearing the TSi2 spins less than the TS2. I can’t comment on construction, materials and engineering differences. Everything being the same as far as shaft, loft and lie I can say for certain that the TSi2 flies lower than the TS2. Like I said, for me anyway, the TS2 with this particular shaft/head combo requires less effort to draw. I can draw the TSi2 but it’s a more mindful swing. I’d say save ur money if you already have a TS2. The TSi2 isn’t groundbreaking by any means as far as distance or forgiveness over the TS2. I’ve looked at several comparisons on YouTube between the T
  4. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    Haha! Well it’s hardly a slice machine. I just have to be more mindful to draw it if that makes sense. The TS2 is just more automatic for me. For now I’m gonna try trading it for a TSi3 head. If that doesn’t pan out I will sell it.
  5. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    Makes sense. There is def a difference. Of course I wanted to like the new head better. I just can’t ignore that I just get a better result with and have more confidence in the older head.
  6. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    I’m literally taking the same shaft and using it in both heads. So they are the same length. I’m guessing the spin rates/specs of the heads are different enough that the TS2 combo just somehow works better for my swing. Also, both drivers are at 9.75° loft, .75° upright and the TSi2 has a lower ball flight than the TS2.
  7. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    So my swing is that erratic and it’s just a coincidence more bad swings happen to occur with the TSi2 head after hitting about 300 balls with each??? Hmmm, ok.
  8. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    Well hitting multiple buckets and alternating between the 2 heads and the TSi2 goes right more often. Im a 10 handicap so my swing doesn’t change that drastically from one head to the other. I’m not an engineer and I’m not saying either head is biased one way or the other. What I do know for a fact is the AV Blue/TS2 combo is easier for me to turn right to left than the AV blue/TSi2 combo.
  9. I have both. Played/hit the exact same shaft in both heads and still have the TS2 in the bag. It’s easier for me to draw. If the the TSi2 is longer and more forgiving it’s negligible. Problem is you were fit for the TSi and the same shaft will play different in the TS2.
  10. TIScape

    TS2 vs. TSi2

    I’ve been playing a TS2 for about a year. Bit the bullet and bought a TSi2. Lots of range time and actually am liking the results of the TS2 better. Both are set up at 9.75° and .75 upright. Same exact shaft (Tensei AV blue raw) in both and the TS2 is just easier to draw hit straight for me. Love the feel/sound of the TSi. Just tends to want to fade more for me. Not loving having a brand new head and keeping the old one in the bag. But I’ll stick with what produces the best results. Anyone else experiencing this?
  11. I received my TSi2 with AV BLUE 65. As reported by others, no wrench. I emailed the shop I ordered it from and they told me “Titleist is no longer including wrenches. They assume you already have one from the old model.” I was like, so Titleist just assumes ppl had or have the old model??? Pretty weak IMO. The kid at the local golf shop fed me the exact same line. Made me think it’s what they’ve been told to say by Titleist when ppl ask.
  12. Even though I’m not a single digit handicapper, I’ve used players CBs and even a set or two of blades since I started playing. Just like how they look and feel. So I don’t play nearly as much as I used to anymore so I told myself, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and get some GI/distance irons. So I went ahead and ordered a set of Mizuno 919 Hot Metals. Not a huge GI head, but a lot bigger than what I have used and the sole is A LOT WIDER! I have 3 rounds on em now. Off the tee, the 4 iron is a beast! 225 easy, high... Essentially it’s a driving iron. Now off the turf, UGH. I can’t stand em
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