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  1. No issues with anyone that wants little to no offset. I’m someone that doesn’t like a lot of offset myself. My point was I’m just surprised by what some here consider a lot and and by what some consider a “chunky” thick top line. And yes, a forgiving next to no offset iron, is indeed a unicorn.
  2. Watched Dune over the weekend. Visually stunning film. I enjoyed it. I had no idea it was split into 2 parts and this was only part one!
  3. Every club in your bag is Ping! Don’t see too many with all one OEM in the bag! Are you a Ping staffer? The Sun Mountain bag tells me no. Haha
  4. First sentence above reminds me of… When I see a pic here of a MB blade with very little offset and a thin top line and someone responds “kinda chunky for my tastes” or “a bit too much offset for my liking”, “top line is a little thick…” Uh, ok. Haha.
  5. Just watched a TXG review of the 2021 T300s. Said they were the best GI irons they’ve tested to date. Said the Srixon ZX4s were a close 2nd. I think ZX5 is in a slightly different category than the 300s and 4s.
  6. If true, that’s ridiculous. So it’s possible that you could receive each iron individually??! And that’s a big “catch”! Haha. So your irons hardly “shipped today”. Your ‘iron’ shipped today Hey, could be worse. They could be shipping each component separately! One day get just a grip, a few days later a shaft, a week later a head…
  7. Naomi dominated for a minute and has been on a steady decline as of late. Emma had a great run at Wimbledon and is the reigning US Open champion. Definitely not shabby, but not close to dominating. I’ll agree with @Shilgy and say there are no women dominating right now in tennis. Which I think is great.
  8. I’m looking for the smallest blade with the thinnest sole and top line with zero offset. The more demanding to hit the better. I suffer from deep seeded self loathing and like pretty things.
  9. The average low in December around what, 62°/63°?! Might need a windbreaker!
  10. Thought this thread would be locked by now. Color me surprised.
  11. This IMO ZX5s are big GI i forgiving. 0311 are more forgiving than they look like they would be. But I would never say more forgiving than ZX5! Not close.
  12. I’m still waiting for my crystal ball to tell me how many championships Langer would have won without the broomstick putter. I’ll get back to you.
  13. Just finished it! Loved everything but the last episode.
  14. Yeah. When I say DTC I’m not talking about a PXG. I’m talking about the smaller guys that are picking heads out of a catalog. Obviously not all DTC companies are created equal!
  15. Thanks. Just finished ‘em. They did!
  16. Two racks of St. Louis ribs fresh off the smoke!
  17. All that said, I’ll still take a head designed by the engineers/designers at TM, Titleist or Mizuno over one designed by ‘who knows’ and picked out of a catalog and slightly modified/customized. And I’d say Maltby is different than your average guy designing the heads that are in the catalogs some DTCs are using to choose their heads. Again, just my opinion. To anyone using DTC and loving em. More power to ya!
  18. Titleist TSi1 is definitely worth a look IMO.
  19. Wow, these really do look good at address. Beautiful irons.
  20. Found this pic you can use for your avatar! Beats just the ‘S’ IMO! Haha Good luck on the new irons!
  21. Oh come on! They are ~$350 less than i59s!!!
  22. I did read that it’s draw biased. This guys shot shape was a fade. Where he would aim just OB left and It would land on the left edge of the fairway and feed towards the center. So thinking without the draw bias he would be in trouble. So for him it’s definitely a great fit.
  23. Played yesterday and one of the guys I played with had the Callaway BB B21. I hear/read almost nothing about this driver. Guessing because it doesn’t fit what most WRXers look for in a driver. Said he bought it because it was “the most forgiving driver on the market”. I’ve always heard Ping G MAX drivers were considered the most forgiving heads. I also think SIM2 MAX/MAX D when thinking very forgiving. Just curious more than anything what others think about his claim that B21 is the most forgiving.
  24. I’m FAR from a club designer, but I’d guess to get more mass low and back in the head???
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