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  1. Yes. And they’re gonna get a yardage one way or another. They’ll never just guess. Needless to say golf is still plenty difficult knowing how far away your target is.
  2. Just saw Adam Schenk, pronounced ‘shank’, on the GC. To hear the announcer say “shank” as you’re getting ready to tee off can’t calm a golfers nerves! Oh, it’s at the Puerto Rico open! Lol. Oh well. Sorry, on my 1st cup of coffee!
  3. It was just a light hearted joke. Playing on the thought of a warm up making someone $1.8 mil. That said. Maybe I’m in the minority, but any tournament with the top players in the world in the field feels special to me at this point. I mean it’s obviously not major or Players special, but it’s also not some deal where the top player there is ranked 16th in the world either.
  4. Totally depends on who’s in the playoff. I was pulling for Tony. Nothing to do with Max or missing a put. Max is easy to root for, so I wasn’t too upset with the outcome.
  5. $1.82 million to the winner... That will keep ya pretty warm alright!
  6. We’re you gonna contribute to the OP, or just stopped by to add that nugget?!
  7. That is a CB on a technicality! Haha They’re gorgeous
  8. JPX 919 Forged Wonderful combination of feel/playability/forgiveness/aesthetics.
  9. Same thing with Brooks’ model. Which he didn’t even wear until a couple months ago. Those things ran super narrow! The ‘wide’ was most companies standard. As for the putter. Could just be testing it???
  10. Good point. Before the pandemic I worked out 5x a week. Walked around at about 252lbs at 11-12% BF. Being 6’4” I didn’t look overly “muscle bound”, but let’s just say you could tell I worked out. Haha. Not an ideal build for the golf swing. Since the shutdown I haven’t been working out nearly as hard or often. Focusing on more flexibility and ROM stuff as I’ve gotten more into golf. Down to 235/240 and that’s mostly muscle loss. Been great for my game. There is a reason why guys like Bryson and Brooks who you wouldn’t look twice at in the gym, are talked about on tour like they’re “huge”.
  11. Looking at the responses I’m seeing shows I enjoyed and forgot that I even watched! Haha The Boys-Well written, dark, super hero action/drama. Outer banks-probably made for teens, but watching good looking 20 somethings in a decently written thriller/mystery is a nice escape. Flight Attendant-pleasantly surprised. Definitely not what I was expecting, in a good way. Kobra Kai- Has a “B movie” feel to me. I know it’s not a movie, but I think b movie gets the point across. Entertaining enough and the connection to the original movie sells it. And some shows that a now get to add to my watch list. In desperate need of new content! Thanks.
  12. Agreed. I only checked back because I was notified of a few “likes”.
  13. Perhaps some dumb ppl can feel intimidated and he no doubt rubs traditionalist the wrong way. I think more of it comes from interactions with rules officials (relief from an ant hole?!?!) questioning the official on his OB ball and calling for a 2nd official and the “don’t ruin my brand” comment stuff. The whole 20lbs of pure muscle and a ridiculous amount of protein shakes wears thin too. It’s clearly closer to 1.5lbs of muscle and 18.5lbs of fat. That being said, I wish no ill will on the man. I respect how he’s taken his own path instead of following the heard.
  14. It was one of my initial thoughts and I didn’t choose it. Said I didn’t wanna go there and hoped I was wrong. Single someone else out.
  15. Watching the aerial footage and was shocked when I noticed all of what you mentioned. Sad but true.
  16. My son and I have nicknamed him ‘Limbs’. Haha
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