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  1. I was just curious what the story is with them. They used to be cheaper than the prov1 which was nice but now with the same price I'm wondering if performance actually went up. I know they got firmer but like are the CS and CSX spinning more and giving more distance off tee?
  2. Last year the chrome soft would be cheaper than the tp5s or the prov1s but the new chrome soft is just as expensive ($64 cad). Is this due to a covid supply and demand thing or are they saying that the ball should be worth just as much as a prov1? Anyone get a chance to play either the chrome soft or the x and could tell me the difference compared to previous gen? I know the ball got a lot harder but does anyone know if the numbers improved on either one etc.?
  3. p760s, but id say my iron striking is the strongest part of my game driving on the other hand...
  4. i'll try and do that. but yeah it's literally only on those two metal areas
  5. It’s not even rust I don’t know wtf it is.
  6. I bought it from golf town so I'm not thinking it's fake
  7. It's weird that dick's and golf town had buy one get one for the srixons.. does anyone know if they are clearing stock for a new 2020 ball?
  8. I'm just wondering what makes you play the ball you play. Feel? Price? Looks? I'm currently playing the pro v1 as the pro v1 x feels a little too firm when chipping and putting
  9. ah okay thank you, did not know this
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