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  1. I had played Callaway X-14 Pro Series irons for over 15 years. Then this year I saw a set of very lightly used MP-18 SC 4-PW at my local golf shop. I did an iron fitting, and lo and behold, these fit me perfectly. I feel blessed lol. They are the most beautiful and smoothest feeling irons I have ever tried.
  2. IN! Hoo boy I'm literally in the market for a new gap wedge. This would save me some bills ; )
  3. WOW that looks super similar to my gamer scotty mallet, very much IN
  4. Hey everyone, longtime lurker but had to join to ask this. I demoed a stock Z785 7 iron recently, and I freaking loved it. Best iron looks and feel-wise. Was planning on getting new irons in September-November and they are the clear favorites. Learning now that a new line might be out right when I plan to buy, would you recommend grabbing the Z785s while custom orders for those are still available or wait for the new stuff to get custom fit? Also, will there be a price drop like we are seeing in the woods now for the irons prior to the new line being introduced? Thanks in advance
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