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  1. I also don't mind if this "local rule" applied to every course...in essence, making it just a general rule...that you could take a 2 stroke penalty OR go back to the last spot for 1 stroke. The problem is that not all courses (not even close, as far as a I know) have this rule in place.
  2. I get what you're saying, but I find the "looking for your ball and having to go back to the original spot" (especially when someone thinks there is no possible chance it's lost) to be a huge pain...
  3. I actually don't lose balls very often...I'm a pretty good player, actually...
  4. Don't get all high and mighty. I understand exactly what we're talking about here, and I still think it's ridiculous considering all the things that golfers (pro and otherwise) get away with that there can't be an adjustment for something like this...there are times when your ball doesn't deserve to be lost, and it's just not found...for whatever reason.
  5. Forgive me if this has been previously discussed, but... It's ridiculous that a lost ball - when not on tour with spectators AND ball spotters - should come with a stroke and distance penalty as opposed to letting someone HONESTLY drop a ball with a one stroke penalty as close as possible to where they think their ball was lost. There are so many other rules that rely on the honor system anyway... It would also speed up play... I really think the USGA should change this rule for every day golf. Obviously, the tour pros rarely lose balls for the reasons stated above, so I understand keeping the rule for any tournament where fans/ball spotters are present. The crap the USGA lets pros get away with in terms of free drops (Bryson at every tournament) is comical considering that amateurs, who are far less talented, are being punished when they were watching and just can't find it...it happens! I'm sure some of you will fight with me on this, but it's really something to think about...
  6. Think I'm going back to the yellow cover that originally came with the putter. I always liked it anyway, just wanted to use a magnetic one.
  7. I have a feeling this is a common problem... But my Seamus putter cover with a magnet enclosure is grabbing onto my putter (Scotty Cameron Prototype "JAT") when taking it out/putting it in. Anyone know a possible quick fix or hack for this?
  8. Thank you! I actually am not totally sure. I've had the putter since, I believe, around 2002. So the details are long gone and I don't think they are anywhere on Scotty's website. But I'm pretty sure some specs include the putter being 330g and a length of 35in. The only thing I've ever done to it is re-grip it.
  9. Figured I'd do a new one of these since my bag has been updated a good bit in 2021! Driver: Callaway Mavrik (9 degrees) Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60g (6.5) 3-wood: Callaway Epic Speed (15 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Blue 75g (X) 2-iron: Taylormade SIM UDI (18 degrees) Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Tump 90 (S) Irons: Titleist T200 (4-PW) Shafts: True Temper AMT Black (S300) Wedges: Taylormade MG2 (50-09), Taylormade MG2 TW (56-12, 60-11) Shafts: True Temper Project X Rifle (6.0) Putter: Scotty Cameron Prototype "Just A Thought" Grip: Ping PP58 Blackout Grips: Golf Pride MCC Red (+2 wraps) Ball: Bridgestone Tour BXS Bag: Nike Sport Lite
  10. Thanks! Glad you're hitting your DHY well. I hit it on the range the other day and was absolutely smashing it. Seems like it'll stay lower with tons of roll. Even my mishits weren't off line by too much.
  11. Taylormade SIM UDI 2 Iron (18* loft) Mitsubishi Diamana Thump 90 (Stiff) Grip is currently the stock Lamkin Crossline 360 but will soon be the Golf Pride MCC Red to match the rest of the set
  12. Does anyone know if Rory interlocks or overlaps?
  13. For those with experience with raw face... Got my MG2 TW wedges in the mail and took them out to practice at my local short game area. They're amazing! I took my 56* into the bunker which, as we're familiar with sometimes, didn't have enough sand. Again, first use...is it normal for the bottom to look like this? It also feels rough in that spot. Hoping I didn't screw it up by hitting out of such a bunker.
  14. FYI the lies came at 63 and 63.5 respectively!
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