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  1. I find the S55 pitching wedge to be pretty good around the greens and for partial shots so I just play 52 58. I have played 50 54 58 and found the 50 to be a little redundant. If I were to expand back out to 4 wedges I'd probably try 52 56 60.
  2. I have had this problem before, a second or two with a torch will probably stop the creaking. Fair warning though, in my case the heads started breaking loose eventually and I had to redo them anyway. The second time around I used different ferrules and stronger epoxy with no trouble at all. I'm honestly not sure what went wrong the first time, but they did work for several months before the long irons started breaking on me.
  3. I had success with the Aldila NV 2kxv when I moved on from the black tie.
  4. Is it the Tour 90 in stiff? That clocks in around 100g.
  5. Wow, I must be crazy. I just went and pulled the head and the short screw popped out, I'm not sure where that memory came from but I am sorry for the confusion!
  6. A local muni has an opening par 3 at around 115 yards. Its a short course with no par 5s though.
  7. That's wild, My LTD has the long screw. I bought it used so I don't have a lot of info. Maybe stock LTD adapters have shallow threads? Mine definitely came with a hack-job of an aftermarket shaft install.
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