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  1. I spent a lot of time tinkering last year, I'm going to try to keep everything the same for a while. Cobra King LTD 9.5* - Aldila NV 2kxv 75 S Cobra Bio Cell+ 5-7 16.5* - Aldila NV 85 S Cobra Bio Cell 5-7 20*- Aldila NV 95 S Ping i200 4I-5I - KBS Tour 120 Ping S55 6I-W - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 52ss (-2*) - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 54ss - KBS Tour 130 Ping Glide 58es - KBS Tour 130 Ping Anser 5KS MgBr - KBS CT Tour
  2. I built myself a new 7 wood. I've only hit it at the range so far, but it has been outstanding. Bio cell+ 20* nv95 at 40.5".
  3. I have a fairly shallow swing that takes a short, shallow divot. My miss however has been heavy, hitting the ground up to 2 or 3 inches behind the ball. I have found thin soles are substantially more playable for me, they cut through and do a better job maintaining clubhead speed and face angle.
  4. I built my gap wedge to match my pitching wedge exactly. Really its more like carrying two pitching wedges, one at 46* and the other at a more classic 50*. This setup works well for me, they gap well with full swings and I use both for pitching and chipping.
  5. I keep an old set around to loan out. r510 10.5 Driver, v-steel 4 and 7 wood, x-14 irons, and a couple of beat up Vokeys. I have a handful of putters kicking around that could go in depending.
  6. I moved to 44" this year. Contact has improved dramatically, I also went to a shorter fairway wood to match.
  7. I recently changed out my 3 wood for a strong lofted 5 wood. It plays at 42" and 16.5*, much more useful club.
  8. Im not the longest guy out there, but I'm pretty quick with a smooth transition. My right elbow drops unconsciously as my hips rotate to start the downswing. I don't feel like I rotate my right hand. During transition my left wrist bows to close the face some and my body rotation during the downswing finishes squaring the face. When I'm trying to generate speed I do not think of my hands and arms at all. I focus on starting down with my hips and getting them around as quickly as I can, the hands follow along.
  9. When I was dialing in my driver at 44" I wound up tipping the shaft to compensate for the extra head weight to bring it back to D3. I would check the manufacturers recommended tipping instructions for fairway woods and match up the head weight.
  10. I'll generally take as much spin as I can get, beyond that turf interaction and forgiveness. Looks have some impact too, but as thinner soles tend to work best for me it's generally not an issue.
  11. Driver and 3W: ~D3-D4 3I-9I: D2 PW/GW: D3 SW/LW: D4 The weights were dialed in with lead tape and experimentation so there is some variance. I play quite heavy midsize grips so the scale usually reports 2-3 points higher with a standard grip. I also have KBS Tours in my irons and wedges which causes the scale to be another few points lighter than usual due to the high balance point of the shaft. I have a moderate tempo that borders on a little quick at times, but a long swing and smooth transition keep me from feeling like I load it a ton. Driver SS is
  12. I'm with you. I am an audio engineer by trade and a musician occasionally, I listen to music almost constantly. Golf is one of the few things I find music doesn't improve. Beyond disliking music on the course though, I don't really care about much etiquette-wise, just be polite.
  13. I found golf WRX through google searches for club building information, the guys here really do a great job of helping people out.
  14. I replaced the elevate tour stiff in my 3 iron with an $-taper 120. The KBS is stiffer and launches lower with less spin. The elevate really did feel nice though.
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