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  1. I'm in the 58* eye 2 style camp.
  2. When I tried them the elevates definitely played softer and launched higher. While I don't think anyone would call KBS tour harsh, the elevates are another level of smooth if that's your thing.
  3. Which hybrid is your favorite? More weight isn't always better and hybrids woods and irons all feel different so you cant necessarily assume what is the right weight. What I would do is get a roll of lead tape and go to the range and add a little to one of the lighter clubs at a time and see where you like it best. Once you have one you like try to make the others match.
  4. Yeah, to be honest I never hit the 54 out of the sand much to begin with. My 58 is a first gen glide with the es sole and I haven't found anything I like better out of a bunker.
  5. I've done a fair bit of tinkering with my bag already this year. I went from 4W 7W to 3W 5W after changing my delivery, but I wasn't happy with the gap between 4i and 5w. I never really hit my 54* full swing, preferring to do partial shots with Pw and Gw, so I dropped the 54* wedge and moved to 46* 52* 58*. The 52 does everything the old 50 and 54 used to do and the short game feels better. Then I built out a 4H to feel like my 5 wood and it covers that gap nicely. I might drop it for a driving Iron eventually depending on how my swing feels when it warms up.
  6. I've got a 910H at 23* in the bag currently, its built to play more like a little fairway wood.
  7. I've been messing with long club gapping a lot lately. Currently I'm using 10.5* Driver, 15* 3w, 19* 5w, 23* hybrid, 22.5* 4I. The hybrid is built more like a wood and carries a good bit further than the 4I.
  8. I'm playing a first gen glide es 58*. It is my sand wedge and I use it around the green for chips that have to stop quickly or the occasional flop shot. I pretty much never hit it full, but with partial swings it is my go to for approaches from ~80 and in.
  9. Adidas Clothing Old Ping Putters Lead Tape Waterproof Shoes Zippo Handwarmer
  10. I have a phone mount clamped to an old putter shaft. I can either stick it in the bag or the ground if i'm on grass.
  11. I have had a lot of success with the classic NV in fairways and the 2KXV in driver. I also played an 8M3 Black tie in a shorter driver build that worked really well. All of those were less than 50 bucks.
  12. The adapter counts toward head weight not shaft weight, I suspect everything is fine.
  13. I'm out, working on playing a fade as my stock shot has me in 3w 5w. I was hoping to at least make it a month, but back to tinkering I guess The bag for now: Cobra King LTD 10.5* - Aldila NV 2kxv 75 S Cobra Bio Cell+ 3-4 15.0* - Aldila NV 85 S Cobra Bio Cell+ 5-7 19.0* - Aldila NV 85 S Ping i200 4I-5I - KBS Tour 120 Ping S55 6I-W - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 52ss (-2*) - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 54ss - KBS Tour 130 Ping Glide 58es - KBS Tour 130 Ping Anser 5KS MgBr - KBS CT Tour
  14. I put a 20* 7 wood in the bag this year to fill the gap between 4 Iron and 4 wood. Aside from the usual growing pains dialing in length and weight I have been very happy with the change.
  15. I spent a lot of time tinkering last year, I'm going to try to keep everything the same for a while. Cobra King LTD 9.5* - Aldila NV 2kxv 75 S Cobra Bio Cell+ 5-7 16.5* - Aldila NV 85 S Cobra Bio Cell 5-7 20*- Aldila NV 95 S Ping i200 4I-5I - KBS Tour 120 Ping S55 6I-W - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 52ss (-2*) - KBS Tour 120 Ping Glide 54ss - KBS Tour 130 Ping Glide 58es - KBS Tour 130 Ping Anser 5KS MgBr - KBS CT Tour
  16. I built myself a new 7 wood. I've only hit it at the range so far, but it has been outstanding. Bio cell+ 20* nv95 at 40.5".
  17. I have a fairly shallow swing that takes a short, shallow divot. My miss however has been heavy, hitting the ground up to 2 or 3 inches behind the ball. I have found thin soles are substantially more playable for me, they cut through and do a better job maintaining clubhead speed and face angle.
  18. I built my gap wedge to match my pitching wedge exactly. Really its more like carrying two pitching wedges, one at 46* and the other at a more classic 50*. This setup works well for me, they gap well with full swings and I use both for pitching and chipping.
  19. I keep an old set around to loan out. r510 10.5 Driver, v-steel 4 and 7 wood, x-14 irons, and a couple of beat up Vokeys. I have a handful of putters kicking around that could go in depending.
  20. I moved to 44" this year. Contact has improved dramatically, I also went to a shorter fairway wood to match.
  21. I recently changed out my 3 wood for a strong lofted 5 wood. It plays at 42" and 16.5*, much more useful club.
  22. Im not the longest guy out there, but I'm pretty quick with a smooth transition. My right elbow drops unconsciously as my hips rotate to start the downswing. I don't feel like I rotate my right hand. During transition my left wrist bows to close the face some and my body rotation during the downswing finishes squaring the face. When I'm trying to generate speed I do not think of my hands and arms at all. I focus on starting down with my hips and getting them around as quickly as I can, the hands follow along.
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