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  1. I didn’t anticipate such a lively and passionate debate but it’s all helpful from my point of view. Thanks everyone. Getting back to my second set of videos, does my setup look like it’s headed in the right direction? I’m having trouble gaging what the “correct” distance from the ball is in my new more upright position. Sometimes I think it’s too far out (and my armpits are over my toes) but if I move it back I feel like I’m straight up and down (using all arms).
  2. Thank you again for all the replies and constructive discussion. I’ve had the chance to go to the range a couple times and I’ve been trying to work on straightening out my setup. Am I on the right track? IMG_1883.MOV IMG_1884.MOV
  3. @highpro, @straightshot7, @Valtiel Thank you all for the in-depth analysis and recommendations. I never would have seen the hip distance you guys are referring to nor would I have understood the significance of it. I’ve just tried to get a feeling for standing up straighter and maintaining hip distance. I can already tell this is gonna take a while. I feel like I have to stand way closer to the ball (very foreign to me). I’ll keep working on it and report back. Thanks again for the comments. @laneholt I’m not sure if you’re referring to the moment right before
  4. Hey everyone - I’ve been struggling with any kind of consistency in my golf swing. I’ve been trying to get better rotation and overcome the early extension. On real grass, my divot almost always starts before the ball (I’m guessing a product of my early extension). My typical shot is a draw but most days I’m all over the place. I’ve tried to switch from a baseball grip to an interlocking grip but I can’t get use to it. Let me know what you see and don’t sugar coat it. Thanks in advance. IMG_1875.MOV IMG_1876.MOV
  5. I’ve heard good things about the tourstriker planemate but I can’t bring myself to spend $160 on one. Does anyone know of a similar training aid that is less expensive? Or has anyone tried to DIY? It doesn’t seem too complicated to construct.
  6. @Habitual Flipper thank you - thank makes sense and I will practice it on the range shortly. Is it better to fix my open face with a stronger grip or most wrist rotation? Or a combination of both? In regards to my “shoulder line”, I’m mostly referring to my follow through (just after impact). I’ve attached a couple photos to help point out what I’m looking at. Should I try to mimic that “tilt” or is it not really a big concern for the level I’m playing at?
  7. @Habitual FlipperThank you - I always thought that my clubface should be directly vertical when parallel in the backswing and downswing. That video you shared was very eye opening (especially when I play my video side-by-side). My impact position and follow through also looks very different but I can seem to tell what I’m doing wrong. The pro’s shoulder line is more perpendicular to the ground whereas mine is more or less on the same plane as my swing. Any advice to address this?
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I will experiment with a stronger grip and different swing planes. I have a few questions and forgive me because I don't know terminology that well. 1. Does "inside-over" mean that during my takeaway, I'm bringing my club too much inside/low? And during my downswing, I'm taking too steep on an angle? Should I exaggerate this even more or try to level things out? It seems like when I try to have a more "straight" backswing and downswing, I end up feeling like a robot and using my arms exclusively. 2. In regards to the "too long of a back swing" and "arms-par
  9. I went to the range today and tried out some of the exercises. I think I’m swaying slightly less but, to be honest, it doesn’t feel smooth or natural. Hopefully I’m at least on the right track. Below are very poorly filmed videos (Sorry I was alone). I noticed that my natural 3 wood shot (in the second video) had much less sway then any of my shots with the irons. I use my 3 wood off the tees because I can’t hit my driver to save my life.
  10. Yes thank you. I definitely see that I’m leaning and not pivoting with my upper body, which is all contributing to my sway. I’ve been trying to correct it by keeping my lower body still during my backswing. I think I’ll try Braxton’s idea of taking a wider stance and flairing my feet to anchor my lower body and force myself to rotate.
  11. Thanks for the help. I see that I am swaying but I am having a hard time correcting it. I feel like if I tell myself "don't let your hips sway" then I end up getting no rotation with them at all and tend to use my arms 100%. Also, what do you mean when you say that I load too far back? Does that mean I'm putting too much of my weight on my back foot (right foot) in the beginning of my backswing?
  12. My swing likely has many issues but the one I’ve been trying to fix is my early extension leading to a lack of forward shaft lean at impact. I can’t for the life of me take a divot that starts at the ball (always starts before). I’ve watched about 100 videos on YouTube and tried many drills but can’t seem to fix it. I can get a semi-consistent contact with my early extension but my ball flight is typically very high and lacking distance. Any suggestions? Also feel free to point out anything else in my swing I should work on. Below are two slow-mo video from face on (sorry no down the line sho
  13. Thanks for the reply. How much (ballpark) does a grip fitting cost? And what would they do besides measure the size of your hands and let you try a handful of grips?
  14. Just for background, I just got into golf over the past few years and I’m not a great player (~25 handicap) but I’ve been working on my game recently and tweaking my clubs in the process. I’ve been going to the range and playing a round about once a week for the past 2 months. I’ve noticed that my left hand is sore after playing/practicing and I think it may be from gripping the club too tightly with my non-dominate hand. I am right handed and relatively young (late twenties) so I don’t think it’s arthritis, etc. I use a “baseball style” grip but tuck my left thumb under my right fingers. I’ve
  15. I’m a high handicap golfer who’s been using 30 year old hand-me-down irons since I started golfing around 4 years ago. I just came into some callaway steelhead XR irons (7-PW) with true temper XP 95 steel shafts. I was looking to round out my set with at least a 6i and 5i (maybe even 4i too). I have an opportunity to buy Callaway Rogue (not Rogue X) 4i, 5i, and 6i from my buddy at next to nothing. From what I can tell from the specs, the lofts, lengths, and lies of the Rogues are the exact same as the steelhead XRs. Realistically, is having two different models of irons going to mess with my g
  16. I was hesitant about the Pinemeadow wedge but I think I’ll give it a try based on your comment
  17. 27: I don’t have any but I’m thinking of adding some because I hit my low irons like s***
  18. 90 yards for me but perhaps I should add some higher degree wedges to my bag
  19. I think I figured it out. Thank you for your help
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