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  1. Close the club face? You deloft it so even if you dont manage to draw it it should go lower and maybe at least start more left if you still get the fade. I also grip down on mine do help me get around in time. Easy to overdo so well sometimes just living with a predictable fade is just better.
  2. I like the colour scheme and search function works better with my Android phone.
  3. I will fear mine for as long as I live. Its been horrendous but last round found back to it to some degree. Still cant decide weither a shorter shaft would be better then just gripping down. Now the inconsistency of how much to grip down can cause inconsistencies. But its a really effective way to shotshape. Now I really shouldnt play such advanced golf :p
  4. You should do like stenson and keep going with strong woods with more trampoline effect. If you dont optimiz launch condition the driver wont go further. I have a weak lofted 3wood and its not that far off my driver.
  5. I just caught shotscope being about 15 metre wrong. I guess it has some old green data. Flag was quite close to the front of the green. Hit my 50 degree quite well for a full shot but landed way short. Then double checked with my range finder giving me 118 instead of 93 metres (which is front to green number but should be at least 108 probably more. My coplayers garmin gave better number too in this instance though he said its often wrong. Good lesson never trust technology. I did think it looked longer. Gonna use my rangefinder more often.
  6. Dont expect much. My orlimar trimetal 5w keep up well with my ping g400 3w. 3w go longer only due to stronger loft and longer shaft. Both uses maraging steel. Sim max dont do any wonder compared to my old cleveland launcher either and is no more forgiving. So yeah get fit and pray you get fit on an average fit day for your swing :D
  7. However that is distance to the hole and not the distance you travel. If you go OOB it´s seldom in the direction of the hole. I hope that will be added in the next firmware update. It´s a common feature in a lot of phone apps and gps watches. What would be extra awesome is a tag paint or something to put on the golf ball so you never have to search... And a phone app with the alien radar and beep sound. That would be the biggest technical game improvement breakthrough in golf since I don´t know what :)
  8. I am gripping down. Not sure cutting it is necessary :)
  9. Just looking where the rear weight is on the Sim max make it look fade biased. But yes I think many including me shouldnt use 45,75" shafts. That is certainly a big cause for not getting around totally creating fades for me.
  10. I dont see how this rant work with drivers as they are all designed these days to be easy to hit straight. They dont have grooves to give more spin so you can hook and slice better. So its just the custom fit rant that may be relevant. But this is supertricky. I mean during demo my sim max I just hit straight bombs all day long. I have never been that consistent. Then when getting my driver it was an entirely different beast. My current setup is polar opposite what I fitted into then. several weeks of golf just mean my physics dont allow me to rotate like then. So in a way I dont know if cus
  11. Odd what we ocd about. Having watch on the wrong arm is that worse then have a phone in the pocket? What make you like Arccos better besides not having the clock on the right arm?
  12. I am now done tinkering. Write it here so you can hold me to my word if I start tinker again! Fun thing is I went the polar opposite way from when I demoed it. I then managed to hit up on the ball constantly and was trying to deloft but I am now up to 11 and it gives me optimal trajectories I believe. Don´t hit it as high as my old 10.5 cleveland launcher. But I probably deloft it a bit on setup as I try to have the face just a bit on the closed side. Still debating if there is any point in getting a shorter shaft instead of just gripping down. And if gripping down create some counterbala
  13. Are you making a lot of practise swings in various places when there is other peoples turn? Doing it in the same is fine it only registered the first so your bunker shot percentage will always be 100 %. Did 9 holes and it only missed a 2 shots. And it was two on a row maybe to close to eachother or something. But only did 9 holes but never had less then 2 missed shots on 9 holes before. And now if I can just get into the motion to check it been registered all the time that saves some work. Also battery life seem to be way improved somehow. 9 holes and it used not more then absolutely max 15 %.
  14. Or open the face of it if it sits closed. Could also try with lead tape on the toe side to give it a more neutral balance.
  15. Tried gripping down? That allows me to draw or even hook it if I am not smooth. I have to absolutely kill myself to get around a 45,75" shaft. Fun but it dont help in finding the center nor being smooth enough.
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