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  1. In guessing they will do something like 3 hole matches or break it up somehow. Someone going up by 5 holes can’t be good but then again everyone pays upfront so maybe that doesn’t matter. Will it be stupid? Probably. Will I watch? Absolutely.
  2. Pretty cool. I’m surprised that it took off 18g as I would have thought that would be less. Were you able to get the two sides perfectly even?
  3. I like the fact that he isn’t afraid to try to different things. I like that fact that he thinks outside of the box. But to me he tries to hard to be different and prove he is smarter. If he just went out and did his thing and didn’t try to talk different and dress different I think he would have a bigger following. Overall I am happy for him and I am curious what his impact on the game will be moving forward. I think his unconventional ways could be good for the game moving forward.
  4. Where are the computer people that can freeze the Instagram teaser?
  5. Careful- if too many people order then they will cancel all the orders and try to sell them at a higher price and claim error.
  6. Troubles with RBG.... no way! Never had anything go smooth with them.
  7. Just one item today. Selling my Scotty bag that I got direct from the release. I had every intention of gaming it but it has sat in my office for almost two weeks and I just cant get myself to use it. Something about my bag being worth more than the rest of my clubs doesn't click for me. Also just found out my wife is expecting so this isn't the best time to bring home an expensive new golf bag. With a kid on the way I am not looking for trades... maybe a LH boutique putter would catch my eye. Or maybe a LH g400 MAX. $900 shipped and its yours...
  8. Hello, I am selling my Flightscope Mevo. I used the unit twice and just don't use it enough to justify having it sit around. I found it to be surprisingly accurate and I used it mostly to dial in distances on long irons and hybrids and it worked great for that. I bought it this spring direct from Flighscope's website. It will come with everything that came with it from the factory except for 2 metallic dots that I used. But don't worry because you will also be getting a roll of 1,000 that I ordered with the Mevo. There is a MEvo on the bay right now for $455 with like 10 bids and some time left so I think my price is fair. $440 shipped. Not alot of used Mevo's floating around. Only trade interest would be LEFT HAND boutique putters. Thanks.
  9. That Rory was spot on down to the facial expressions!
  10. It would be neat to see Augusta host some sort of woman’s 4 or 8 person challenge of some sort. Skins game or amateur vs pros match play event for charity. I think it would look good for Augusta to have something and they wouldn’t have to do it every year.
  11. Looks like he will Monday Q into the web.com event this week. That’s the first I have heard of him in years. Must be playing pretty well.
  12. I would think the store owner would atleast google the name and see the stories about the missing clubs
  13. Good thinking... just keep it out of the wind
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