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  1. It’s not great being 21 with back problems but I can swing the heck out of a golf club lol. Stretching has helped so much thankfully but I swing heavy clubs overall (Project X 6.5 iron shafts, Tour XStiff 80g driver shaft).
  2. Lol, did have back problems for about a month but stretching is power! Love these clubs just time to put something new and shiny in the bag haha
  3. $485 + shipping Great condition Wilson Staff V6 4-PW irons with Dynamic Gold X Seven extra stiff shafts, standard length and loft. I have played these for just over a year now and recently got fitted for a different set. Have played many irons in between owning these but none took them out of the bag (including Miura’s). Iron Heads: Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Shafts: (4-9) Dynamic Gold X Seven (PW) Dynamic Gold Tour Issue Wedge Grips: (4-9) Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord (PW) Golf Pride Tour Velvet A couple small things
  4. Wanting to buy 4-PW Project X 6.5 shafts to put into my T100’s. Send pictures and price please!
  5. Looking to buy a set of Titleist 100, 4-PW. Project X 6.5 preferred or some sort of extra stiff shafts. Either way, show me what you got!
  6. Haven't gotten around to trying these yet. They do look mean though!
  7. Wish my ball striking was as consistent to play something with this small a blade length but more practice and maybe I’ll get there within the year! Pretty clubs too.
  8. I'm lucky enough to have networking where I have been able to try almost every iron on the market right now but can't get away from the playability and feel of the V6's. Might be the shaft/swing weight combo but they're just so good to me on the course. Seen a lot of replies on Titleist irons and might have to give them a second go around, haven't paid too much attention to them to be honest.
  9. Thanks for the feedback so far guys. I think it really is an itch to try something new but at the same time my ball striking has improved a lot since last having blades. Still haven't found anything that can take the V6's off my hands but always willing to try something new for fun and if it outperforms my Wilson's then I can toss them in the bag to game.
  10. Had those and kind of regret selling. How much you asking for them?
  11. I’m more looking for the cash but just curious what do you have?
  12. I believe specs are neutral. Unsure about swing weight but lie is standard and lofts seem true to factory.
  13. Yes they’re still available. Nobody’s taken the bait yet lol
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