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  1. Hi friends! So thank you all for your advice and insights. I agree that I could definitely play with that swing, but I am a constant tinkerer-type and particularly glk's point about how that swing would cause wiping across the ball with my irons (which is definitely true in my case) made me want to tweak it. I went to the range, first time since posting, yesterday and it was quite uneventful and pretty frustrating.. I kept thinking I made my backswing steeper but when I would look at the video, it would be the same as my current swing! Went home and stewed it over and came back tod
  2. BACKGROUND - Skip ahead to my questions if you don't care (and I won't blame you!): Hi all! 26, located in Northern VA, recently caught the golf bug around April 2020 (when quarantine/lockdowns started) and have been hooked - probably going to the range 3-4 times a week consistently and have played 24 18-hole rounds according to Grint. I do have somewhat of a background in golf - my parents are both avid rec golfers, so I have always had a set of clubs and have been to the range since I was probably 7, but I was a tennis player growing up and always found golf "boring" (lol how thi
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