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  1. I play the 5wood lofted down with the stock Motore. It is such a good five wood. What I like is that it's easy to launch but has a deeper face than the Ping G425. I liked the Ping a lot (which was the other option I strongly considered), but the shallow face was a bit off putting to me from the tee. Always thought no matter how low I teed the Ping that I would pop it up. The Mizuno is just as easy to launch from the turf and is far more inviting to my eye on a tee. It spins a bit more than other offerings, but I find that's probably why it's easy to launch. It never balloons on me
  2. Fit is the number one characteristic and price is right behind I hate spending a ton on gloves because I like to use multiple during a round (I live in the south and I sweat through gloves). Over the last year, I've used the Maxfli Tour glove from Dick's. $12.99 each or two for $22 is a pretty good deal. They were two for $18 for a while so stocked up. Not quite as cheap as the Costco gloves but I didn't love the way those fit. The Maxfli fit me well and are relatively durable.
  3. Ping G425 is so stupid easy to hit. I'm sure your appreciably better than I am (currently sitting at 11 HDCP) but man, it's so point and shoot with the Ping. Stock CB shaft is going to be what you'll need to change so get ready to wait if you order from PING or find a way to source a better option and ditch the CB. Is it designed to be more forgiving than workable? Yes. Should you discard trying it because of that? No.
  4. G400 (not max) is the most forgiving option. Had one, sold it, regret it. Maybe not as long, but very easy to hit G425 LST is 445 (I believe), fairly forgiving TSi4 as previously mentioned, haven't hit it, but have read it is not forgiving
  5. Has the deal closed yet? I know it got announced but didn't think ownership had changed hands yet. I am certain new buyers would have to sign off on any contracts being signed as they would inherit them. Maybe someone in M&A could clarify
  6. cn34

    G425 VS TSI

    Have been back and forth trying lines from both companies this season (lots of ebay, facebook marketplace, BST action). For context, Driver wise, I tend to hit the ball a bit high on the face, about a 102-105 Swing Speed, Carry of 245-255. Miss tends to be heel side so I can end up adding a lot of spin to driver shots. Overall, I would give the nod on drivers to Titleist. I struggled with the 425 LST and Max didn't have great distance, but man was that thing accurate (but loud). TSI3 was good but not very forgiving, found a good combo with the TSI2 and Tensei White. Feel like it
  7. Peter Millar. I'm 5'9" and I've fluctuated in weight from about 175-190 over the last couple of years (depends on how much time I'm spending on the bike vs. on the golf course) and PM stuff has looked great all the way through that spectrum. Plenty of stretch with room, but not baggy. Really tough to beat.
  8. Appreciate the feedback from everyone. Lots to digest. Responding to a few general points- Wasn't chasing a few yards. was chasing anywhere from 15 to 25 yards. That was the difference between averages with my previous G400 and all of the new clubs (TM, Callaway, Ping, etc). Ball speed was that much higher and spin that much lower Shaft length may be part of the culprit, but miss with the G400 at a 1/4" shorter was also heel side. I know it's in the swing and it's being addressed through lessons and drills - I am going to spend some time on the range and try chok
  9. I did a fitting a while back and landed on a Ping G425 LST as the final recommendation. I came from a Ping G400 (standard) which was straight and reliable but lacked on distance. We looked at a variety of shafts, but decided the stock Tensei Orange performed well and couldn't really justify the gains with upcharge shafts. The challenge I'm having is that taking it to the course, it's simply too hard to control. The miss I'm getting with it is at best a big fade and at worse, a full on slice. My thinking is that with the G425 LST the weighting is doing it's job of removing spin but
  10. I've always found the Titleist offerings in the GI category (currently the T300, previously AP1) to not appear overly bulky while offering plenty of forgiveness. Mizuno Hot Metal also fit that bill. I think that none of the GI irons are going to have a thin top line, its just going to come down to what looks the best to your eye.
  11. Looking to pick up a new 5 wood which is the only fairway I carry in my bag. I'm having a hard time deciding after hitting both. Both were really good, but I'm kind of stuck. I'm coming from a Titleist TS2 that I was fit for, and have tried several different shafts in but we really don't get along. The course I play the most isn't exceptionally long and I use this club off the tee on 3-4 holes depending on the wind and conditions, along with off the turf on 2 par 5s. With that, looking for something that is first easy to hit off the tee and then second easy to hit off the turf. T
  12. Ecco. I've had one pair for 5 years and they're still in good shape. They smell a little bit but I keep them in the garage and they're my pair for wet rounds. I've got another pair I've had for about a year that still look new with about 30 rounds in them and a dozen or so practice sessions. They make a great shoe. In the past, I've had good experience with the higher end Footjoy stuff. It's been really durable as well, just moved to Ecco because I found them more comfortable
  13. Mizuno RB Tour X golf ball. Love a premium ball, hate paying $45+ for a dozen. Bought these on recommendation and they've been very good. Amazon has them at a discount if you buy 5 dozen which I have now done to stock up for the season. I tried both the Tour and Tour X. Tour X feels much better throughout the bag for me. Felt like I got great driver performance with the Tour but it fell off with everything else. Tour X is all around the best for me. If you're playing Vice, Snell, etc in that price range, seriously give these a try.
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