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  1. Coyote Ridge greens are finally healed up and back. rolling very true with a touch of speed on them. Cowboys recently punched their greens. Usually just a couple weeks for them to come back.
  2. Honeymoon period is over. 14/14 and 13/14 FWs on my first 2 rounds with my SIM2 Max with the regular Ventus shaft. But I'm still hitting it farther than my M5 and getting good accuracy (about 10 FWs per round). After about a month with my new SIM2 Max I am 100% happy with the results even after that initial honeymoon period. I would not go back to any other driver that I've owned in the past. Just a great piece of tech if you ask me.
  3. So many reasons for a possible power leak. That is why I always try to hit about 30 balls before my round to figure out where the leak is coming from. Wrists. Swing path. Tension. these are some of the power leaks that I've been personally fighting lately and can be addressed on the range. I also figure that hitting 30-40 balls not only helps me identify my power leaks but also warms my body up.
  4. I just went through a 2 month slump at age 48. I also attributed it to my deteriorating physical capabilities and just an overall crappy swing. I shot 79 and 80 on a 141 slope rated course and then things all of the sudden went south. I was struggling to make contact with the ball and shot about 20 rounds in the 90's over that 2 month span. Lost a bunch of money to my friends at our weekly Nassau game and just lost all confidence. I have significant lower back issues that restrict my swing. I swing it around 90-95mph off the tee. I had already fully accepted my short hitting dista
  5. i don't use the rule but i do try to use the least lofted club possible.
  6. SIM2 Max is a monster for me. The weight and balance just fit my swing. Longest driver i have ever hit.
  7. Played my first 2 rounds with my SIM2 Max 9.0 (tweaked to the 9.75 upright setting (2 degrees upright and 1.5 degrees closed). I shot 82 and hit 14/14 fairways on Saturday at Castle Hills from the Member tees (72.6/133) and then I hit 12/14 fairways Sunday en route to an 86 on a 75.2/141 7003 course. Both days my friends were commenting how much further I'm hitting it. One guy thought I was 30 yards better on several drives. This is coming from an M5, M2, R7, R1.....I'm a taylormade hoe but the new driver never seemed to make a difference. The M2 was my favorite but the SIM2 Max is different.
  8. Just got a SIM2 Max 9.0 with a stiff Ventus shaft. Loving it so far. Ball speed is up. Spin is in the 2000's. Mid teens launch. I swing it about 90-95mph and this setup has me hitting it longer than my M5 stiff hazrdus. The fitter tweaked the setting so that it is upright and 9.75 degrees since my natural swing was over fading it. I played 18 holes on the simulator at Pebble and I averaged 232 off the tee. Usually i am around 215-220. I hit 14 out of 14 fairways. Hope this just isn't a honeymoon thing but so far so great with the SIM2 Max.
  9. $5 skins. Won a couple hundred bucks that day. Probably about $75 was my biggest loss.
  10. Hi all. I'm looking to get a group of 4 guys together for a 3 night weekend filled with golf in May 2021. I'm looking at La Cantera and TPC San Antonio. Will try to play all 4 courses. Any tips or advice for the trip would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to book a JW Marriot stay and play package at TPC and then paying for the La Cantera rounds a la cart. Any suggestions for a successful trip would be appreciated!
  11. Played Trails of Frisco yesterday afternoon. Greens were very slow but in decent condition. Things are starting to green up but still a bunch of dormant brown grass all over the course.
  12. I tried the 7w experiment and it didn't go so well. I traded it back in for a 3h and 4h. Just couldn't get a consistent height.
  13. anything in the single digit mph is fine. Once you hit double digits i consider it windy
  14. Anxious is the operative word for me. I just hit a handful of shots upstairs on my simulator and my ball striking seems to have improved. I just found my swing thought for the moment...or I guess you can call it an anti-swing thought. Don't be anxious. The ball is not going anywhere. Sync up the swing and make a smooth yet aggressive swing without being in a hurry.
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