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  1. hate Bill Murray. He threw a grandma into a bunker and thought it was funny. If i ever see him I'm going to push him into a steep bunker and see how he likes it.
  2. You are definitely mortgaging your future health if you take NSAIDs on a daily basis. That said, I take 2 advil or 2 aleve 30 minutes before my weekly round. I try very hard the other 6 days of the week to stay off of that stuff.
  3. That is a great lineup. I lived in Chicago for 5 years and only played Mistwood off of your list. They keep that course in pristine condition. You will enjoy it. My all time best (76) at that course. Best practice facility I have ever experienced.
  4. It might have been that in your mind you thought that you were fighting the "humidity resistance" and so you swung harder to compensate which actually lead to a power leak in your swing?
  5. My Uneekor launch monitor setup which includes the Uneekor launch monitor, projector, impact screen, hitting mat, and a Dell PC along with The Golf Club 2019. Shot 78 at Pebble from the tips yesterday! Price Tag: $12K.
  6. Very nice visual. So the major point I am taking away from this thread is to figure out my shot dispersion. Obviously the longer the club the bigger the dispersion. So if my shot dispersion includes a tight water hazard on the left and bunkers on the right when aiming at the middle of the green then I should be clubbing down and aiming to land on the front of the green thereby taking the penalty areas out of play because a shorter club will have a tighter dispersion. Agree or disagree?
  7. Thank you all for the input. Sounds like "Center of the Green" is a strategy for higher handicap players. I'll stick with the course management strategy of taking into consideration: 1. Pin Placement (Don't short side) 2. Bunkers/Water (Aim Away from penalty areas) 3. Club Selection (front pin=more club and back pin = less club) I am currently a high single trying to get down to 5. I keep reading over and over again that GIR correlates strongly with handicap. This is why I asked the original question.
  8. I bought a SIM Max 3 hybrid and it just felt heavy to me compared to my old Callaway Rogue 3 hybrid. I just couldn't get used to the weight. So I used up my 90 day playability and got the Mavrik Max 3 hybrid. The weight just felt more comfortable in my hands.
  9. I have heard this piece of advice so many times over the years yet I have never had the discipline to actual go out and try it. However, I am finally trending back down into the single digits after recovering from a back injury and I am trying to figure out if this will help me break 80 on a regular basis.
  10. I was a 6.5 (Oct 2019) then suffered a back injury and tried to play through it and blew up to an 11.5(July 2020). I'm currently back down to an 8.4 and trending down. My last 5 rounds have really helped lower my handicap and these are the things that jump out at me. Driving - I am hitting more fairways and with a lot more power. At 11.5 my back prevented me from making a good turn into the downswing. All arms. My average drives were probably in the 200 neighborhood. I was routinely out-driven my by buddies. I did everything to try to strengthen and loosen my back but nothing worke
  11. if i completely quiet my hands then I lose distance. We're talking a 130 7i compared to a 160 7i. That is all.
  12. I've been as low as 6.4 and I'm currently an 8.2 (down from an 11.5) trending down again after battling massive lower back issues this year. I have always chased that magic swing thought. One month I found myself thinking one word before I started my backswing. That word was "confidence". It's no coincidence that I was at 6.4 when I found this swing thought. Other swing thoughts that have come and gone (one at a time): Focusing on a blade of grass 2 inches in front of the ball. Focusing on a dimple on the inside quadrant of the ball to fight OTT. Soft hands. Fire hips first. Turn d
  13. I was the guy to organize our golf trips. Usually 8 players but sometimes it was the 4 of us(the core serious golfers that were ALWAYS in. We always had a season long side bet going). For those of you that organize you know that it takes hours upon hours to sync up schedules, make/negotiate tee times, lodging, car rental, setting up games for all the handicaps involved, taking into account all of the suggestions, SB party arrangements etc. I actually enjoyed putting the trips together because I was creating something that all of us enjoyed. 3 trips to Vegas. Arcadia Bluffs. Sand Valley. San Di
  14. I had a 100 yard shot over water once and plunked it 3x in a row. Missed the green. 3 putt for a 12. That was 20 years ago and I still remember that hole. # 6 at Presonwood Hills in Plano, TX.
  15. thanks Sawgrass this is the answer I was looking for.....there is only ONE NPR. So can you give me an example when dropping on the other side of the cart path would be NPR?
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