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  1. Driver: 220 avg carry. 230-250 total PW: 110-115 carry. I get into trouble when i try to hit PW from 120.
  2. From age 25-40 I shot high 90's. When I moved from Dallas to Seattle I met a short overweight guy and he whipped me 97-82. I am 6' tall and 180 lbs. I played basketball all my life and I'm fairly athletic. That was the day I changed my mentality. If a short/overweight guy can do it then I should be able to as well. I have all the physical tools. So I started studying the swing and shoring up a bunch of power leaks. Eliminated unnecessary penalty shots by using better course management. Practiced 3x per week and played at least once per week. I'm now 48 and my low hdc was 6.3 (up to an 8 curren
  3. Lawsonia did not live up to our expectations. It's a fun course but IMO it ranks way behind Lac La Belle. Lawsonia has a couple of really nice courses but they are not great courses.
  4. I highly recommend Lac La Belle. The remodel is very nicely done and they treat you well. Read my other thread on my Erin Hills trip for some more details. Definitely worth it.
  5. My friend's caddy wasn't horrible, but compared to my caddy he was just doing the bare minimum. Carried my friend's bag. Pulled clubs for him. Gave him green reading help. He even tried to tell us a couple of stories along the way. He was an overall nice guy but he did not go above and beyond. It made him look worse because we were comparing him to my caddy the entire day and my guy went way above and beyond. Positive. Supportive (cheering and whooping and hollering for my good shots). Observed and matched my pace of play. He listened to me (told him that i wanted to avoid 5i if possible. He r
  6. We were never granted entry into the caddy barn. Just make sure to call ahead and make arrangements for a caddy...how many players want a caddy? Does anyone want a single bag caddy? Will you be replaying (in which case they'll assign you a caddy for both rounds). But you have the option to switch after the first round if you ain't feelin it with the first caddy. Just communicate well with the pro shop and it should be smooth. We asked at checkin how much is the recommended tip and they said $65. So at the end my friend tipped exactly $65 bc his caddy was terrible only to find out that $65 is t
  7. Here is my review of the courses: Shepherd's Crook in Zion, IL. I flew all morning and we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Jimmy John's and teed off without any warmup. I hadn't seen the guys in almost 2 years so that first round was truly a warmup round and getting re-acquainted with everyone. I was a little woozy from the car sickness on the drive up there so I honestly don't recall too much about the course. No major letdowns. Just a regular round of golf. Erin Hills bright and early. ~$350 at the clubhouse to check-in. I got my own caddie instead of having a double b
  8. Dallas golfer here heading up to Chicago to play Shephard's Crook as a warm up to a Wisconsin swing that includes Erin Hills, Washington County, Lawsonia and Lac le Belle. Any tips or comments on how these courses are currently playing? Gonna play 6 rounds in 4 days and cannot wait to get out there with my old foursome from Chicago. It's that foursome that where each guy's priority is golf. Not drinking. Not going out and partying. Not eating. It's all about the golf. Hard to find a solid group of guys that has a passion for the game AND their wives support them in this golf madness.
  9. one weekend i went 78-98 on back to back days on the exact same course. The pins were even in the same place. the post above sums it up nicely: EXPECTATIONS. Just throw them out the window and focus on making a good swing on each shot. I just showed up for a skins match against some old buddies that I SHOULD have dominated and ended up losing because I'm not really as good as i think i am.
  10. for shots around the green i bring my 56, 52, AW and PW. First objective is to land the ball on the green. Second is try and minimize air time and maximize roll out. Sometimes I'll go as low as a 9i if there is a ton of green to go through. I'm basically trying to take the smallest swing possible and just rock my shoulders with relaxed hands.
  11. Looking to join a club and was wondering if anyone had recent pricing for Prestonwood CC. I would like to have access to both the Hills and Creek courses. Golf only. thanks!
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