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  1. He wants to be brooks so bad he starting packing dingers
  2. Learning from my mistakes is exactly it. Currently a 3.2, scoring average +5.9!
  3. Im having the same problem. For me its all mental. I shot 32 on the front earlier this year and was -3 through 15 with an easy par 5 coming up. My average scoring on that hole has been 4.8 on that hole all year. I somehow make a double and then its all a collapse from there. I consistently ruin rounds coming down the stretch. Key takeaway- the game is there, the brain is not. The fix- More practice!!
  4. Was so excited to see the utility but that aint for me
  5. Can’t pm you for some reason, but pm me!
  6. How much further can tech really go? Honest question, I just dont see how this is going to be such a huge improvement against G400 and G410. Same goes for any other brand.
  7. I love the Toulon line but you didnt really mention that.
  8. Looks like a Justin Thomas super fan novelty putter. I like the putter but all the JT stuff puts me off
  9. Yes that would very much be a problem hahah
  10. Ya that is very true. You don't think there is a way match play could get that hype to get the ratings? I think if it was done correctly it could get ryder cup style hype and become something really cool and different that everyone wants to watch. I think of a sunday match between two premiere players for 15 mil... could be one of the most watched golf events all year. id prefer that over watching DJ have a 5 stroke lead starting the tournament
  11. I like the idea of having playoffs. Those are the best games to watch in NBA, NHL, NFL because they mean the most. In golf its the majors that are more similar to playoffs then the actual playoffs themselves. I think it would be hard to find a system that can get on that level but it would be really cool if they did. I personally would love a top-32 match play, kind of like march madness style. I love the head to head competition aspect of match play. It is more of you vs. your opponent than you vs. the golf course. Match play would also be something completely different than stroke play so i
  12. Some sort of sorting function for classifieds, if i only want to look at putters it would be cool to be able to have a drop down menu to search... IN!!!
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