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  1. That looks great!! Did you get the shaft done as well or is that shaft black from the factory?
  2. Awesome, thanks for the reply. Gonna send it in over the winter break.
  3. Haven’t Been able to hit it yet, am putting a new grip on so wanted to make sure before I did that. And ya that’s what I thought to, ive had the ferrule slide up with an iron before and was never an issue. I just wasn’t sure if it’s the same for graphite shafts or not.
  4. Just bought a second hand shaft and I noticed there is a gap between the adapter and the ferrule. I am wondering if it’s going to affect playability or if it’s fixable? I believe it originally had a TaylorMade adapter on it, now it has a ping one. You can see the glue and the gap.
  5. Looking to get my Bettinardi QB6 refinished, it has a small ding on the toe and a little surface damage on the face. Both are barely noticeable but I’m also a little tired of the tiffany blue. of all the custom finishing shops I found online it seems like LabWorX does the best work, and a reasonable price. Have you ever used them? Or know of a good alternative?
  6. Im gonna lean on mismanagement because i am not exaggerating anything and I know for a fact they are well staffed. I do agree that singles going out early could be part of the problem. And they start at 5 so even if it takes them 2 hours to cut 9 holes, the first tee time would just be heading out.
  7. They walk. I know for sure they have at least 2 walking, maybe 3 or 4. The course I worked at we would both walk and leapfrog each other. 9 greens each plus putting green. Two and a half hour job max. that might actually be the problem because I noticed they have 2 cutting the same green. So they both have to unload and get setup 18 times rather than 9. That still shouldn’t take that much time though.
  8. I am a little upset with my course so I want to see some opinions because maybe I'm the one in the wrong. My courses first tee time is at 7 am. I dont play exceptionally fast and usually go out with a few buddies. 1:30 9 or 3 hour 18 seem like reasonable expectations to me. People want to go out early and play decently fast so they can get on with their day. I work at 10:30 most days so if I can play in 3 hours I can make work no problem. The problem is that we will catch the grounds crew by hole 8 every single day. They say they start at 5 am so I have no clue how we'd catch them that fast. This leads to 3:30-4+ hour rounds. I used to work grounds crew at a different course that was in just as good of shape if not better. We started at 6am and if we ever got caught it would be by hole 16-18. We cut greens, changed holes, rolled, raked bunkers, and cut collars. Am I being unreasonable in thinking that I shouldn't be catching the grounds crew by 8:15 for a 7:00 am tee time?
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