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  1. I've been asked in about 30 PM's how I got the stockpile of balls and clubs? Did I pay full retail? Where/Who's my hook up? What magic did I use? The answer to all of those questions is very simple- I got on all of our favorite social media app, I used my otherworldly math skills, and I gambled for it all.
  2. Dude, I applaud you for counting those out. Got another batch due in tomorrow, I'll update tomorrow night.
  3. Oooooooor maybe I have a way of sourcing all of this stuff continuously at a rate so low it makes some people a little salty? I dunno, maybe. Just a thought.....But I definitely am the worst DIY'er on the planet.
  4. Enough to keep this many on hand......
  5. Lol, no....not a store. Not even close. And no....I already have 5 kids, don't need a 6th who doubles as a club ho. Man, I'm literally in the middle of a remodel for the entire downstairs, cut a brother a break!! Jokes aside.....I always did feel comfortable in this forum and could never put a finger on it.
  6. Ok, who do I talk to about getting on as a dealer for Mizuno. hey, you did say ask us anything.....
  7. DELIVERY DAY!!! Shipment #1 got in, #'s 2 and 3 are due in tomorrow, #4 is due in next week. Looks like the delivery companies are getting back on track after the storms.....except USPS...shocker, right?
  8. From a Dealers point of view I would say pull the trigger on that set if you still can. My reasoning is that if you dont like them as much as you thought later on it will be zero trouble moving them, probably for a profit. from a fitters/builders point of view I would say the same thing. It's simple to change the clubs to your measurements after the fact.
  9. 1 month, two frozen rounds, and 20 range/sim visits later and I'm still loving the Players 3. Such an improvement over the 2. If I HAVE to find something I don't like about I'd have to go with the bottle pockets could be a little bigger. Other than that, Vessel got this one right.
  10. Currently gaming the 2019 Miura CB-301 4-PW set, but I'm currently testing the ZX5, Callaway Apex 21, and the Miura TC-201 offerings. So far, I'm enjoying the battle between the 4.
  11. I got my 921 Forged set last year right at release to use as my winter set (Miura's don't like cold weather) and used them through Nov/Dec. I've been playing the ZX5 irons for about a month now, and I gotta say, I'm really liking the v-sole and the overall performance of the ZX5's. The thin topline look appeals to me greatly as well. Both sets are very similar to my Miura's in feel, and consistency, closest I've come across honestly. As good as the 921's are, I'm very comfy with the ZX5's being my full time winter set.
  12. Great information here. What did Rapsodo end up doing to fix your issues? In the meantime, I'm just over here in the corner......eating crackers......waiting for the Android version.......watching you........
  13. I almost always use both straps, so I've never really thought of the extra stress on the other clips and ends. Since you brought it up I took a very hard look at my bag strap and the clips. My take- They're pretty heavy duty as strap clips go, IMO they would hold up fine long term. I'm coming out of a Player's II bag and in the two years I've had it I've carried it at least 30 times. The links on that bag show no signs of being worse off, I would expect the same from my new Players III bag moving forward. Even if it pops on you, Vessels customer service is top tier. Two weeks into
  14. NOT my video, but some dude posted a decent video of the 2021 Cally line up on a trackman.
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