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  1. In terms of value my 4-PW set of Miura CB-301's with KBS C-tapers ($2500 ish). The Mavrik with the Fuji Motore X F1 is second ($850 ish). In terms of what I actually paid for them.....well......that's an entirely different post probably best done in private
  2. There's a FB page dedicated to L.I. golfers. It's a pretty active page, too. Long Island Golf Junkies.
  3. Better search function that searches to the parameters you actually set.
  4. I'm currently in the process of feeling out the 939X hybrid. So far its been a seriously solid performer after 2 rounds, and a 3rd round coming this afternoon. I'm very impressed with it. I wrote a review of it with course data on here from my first round with it. I'll be updating it later tonight. Hopefully you get the same results I have so far. Post up your experience after you've gamed it.
  5. Anything Mizuno would be high on my list. Ping, Wilson, Adams, or Bridgestone too if you're trying to stay cheap but updated. If you're wanting to join the Big Boy club and budget isn't a factor then Miura CB-301's, but that's just me playing devils advocate.....
  6. No one was more shocked than me. Beyond the flight results it just felt good to hit. Effortless, consistent contact that I'm not accustomed to with a hybrid, or a long iron. I've seen the TXG review, and I'm glad Ian hit the irons. It's difficult to gauge their reviews with Matty hitting. Guy is a monster.
  7. This is my first experience with their clubs. If it keeps up like this there will be many more. The price is definitely right, zero doubt there.
  8. Since April I've been on the hunt for a new hybrid for the bag to replace my Big Bertha 3H. Since I started I've had different models from most manufacturers. Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, Mizuno to name a few. So far I've had the most, albeit inconsistent success with the Callaway Big Bertha, but I'm just not comfortable with it. So, the hunt continued. I've heard about Sub 70's line of irons and woods, but I didn't know they made a hybrid (or a line of wedges, next on my list) and went to their website to check them out. I found a 939X 4H with a UST Proforce V2 under the preowned tab and d
  9. Lol, when I got these I was a 19.6 and poor. Caught a deal. I'm a solid 15 currently, but I've had a bad year battling through injury. I started the season at 13.....still poor, though.
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