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  1. I've got ONE item for sale today: TBC's Chunky Dunk headcover. 1. TBC Chunky Dunk: $250 shipped -New in plastic, I'm pricing this based on what others have sold for here -Killer design, excellent quality, easily the most wanted headcover this year 2. TBC 3-wood headcover: Paid $75, it's yours for SOLD -Brand new, never seen the course -Dancing TBC logo headcover, made by EP, who were recently bought by SWAG and no longer making these high-quality headcovers for anyone else. 3. RLX long sleeve: SOLD -Large -New with tags, bright white Dri-FIT like polyester -Four-button placket, perfect layer for fall golf -Fits more like an XL 4. Imperial TBC rope hat: Paid $35, it's yours for SOLD -New, never worn -Stretchy, polyester blend
  2. New in plastic Sim2 Titanium 3 wood: SOLD -Two shafts to chose from, both play 43.25 installed. Hzrdous Smoke Blue RDX 6.0, 63g, new Lamkin Hybrid +2 Calibrate grip This is the real deal Hzrdous with the Hexcel carbon fiber, about which there's a nine-page WRX thread. Stiff Tensei Orange CK, 65g, used MCC +4 grip -Still-in-plastic headcover included -$50 under retail once you figure in taxes and shipping I've been waiting on a hybrid since April. Not kidding. In all that time, I figured out how to hit a 3 iron. I've got two brand new hybrid Buck Club head covers. Paid $60 for them, but I'll let them go for SOLD. Navy Winston Collection dancing TBC SOLD Navy Jan Craig knit. NB: That's not a torn thread at the bottom; it's slack so that the headcover can expand to fit the club. I'll ship USPS Priority tomorrow for anyone that PayPals tonight. Not looking for trades at the moment. pin 10/13
  3. Yeah, I’m over in CT and it would’ve been a great day to fly a kite. Assuming that the finish done was the match the original? Is that black oxide?
  4. I might drive through a hurricane for this one. Any way to confirm who did the refinish? Is there a laser etched serial number on the back of the hosel?
  5. I went to the nicest course in my area and someone stole my Scotty. So, I'm here offsetting a sunk cost. No trade interests other than Scottys. And maybe an LAB. Mevo SOLD: I used this for the winter and it really helped keep me sharp and dial in my partial wedge shots. In perfect condition, with the original box, carrying sleeve, and plenty of metal dots. I'll also include the hard shell case pictured and the small tripod. I could never get a definitive answer from Flightscope on what they meant by placing the Mevo "at ball level," and so I used this tripod when hitting driver off a Fiberbuilt mat. It seemed to give slightly better numbers. Tour Chrome SM7 52 & 58 SOLD I bought these new and used them for a season. I'd like to sell as a set. Still plenty of life left, though the grips could use replacing. -58.14 K, 1 degree upright, standard length (35") -52.12 F, 1 degree upright, standard length (35.5")
  6. Yeesh, yeah, thanks for the heads up!
  7. Two items up for sale today. Trade interests are a Stadry or LinksMaster bag and a LAB 2.1. All prices include shipping CONUS. 1. G400 10.5 with Ping Tour 65s shaft: $250 $200 I gamed this for a little less than a year. Standard length for this shaft, which is 45.25". Grip is a Lamkin UTX with two extra wraps. No headcover but I will ship it well protected. 2. Scotty Cameron Circa 62 No.3: SOLD All original, including the Baby T grip. Standard 35" specs. I gamed this for several years but it's been used sparingly since 2015. Always kept in a headcover; it has the brush marks and little nicks of a gamer but the top line is clean and that carbon feel can't be beat. I'll include the Club Cameron head cover pictured.
  8. This might be the most interesting thread on wrx. A secret society of golfers with possible prison gang connections. Deadspin incoming
  9. These are excellent! I golf a lot in South America and have heard great things about golf in Argentina. I'm going to add this to the Big List of Headcovers and order an alignment stick cover
  10. Added! Yeah, these are definitely a good value.
  11. What’s A weight? Assuming it’s heavier, hence the increased MOI? I play 59s and the 6 is where things start to get dicey. GLWS
  12. Check out BlueBirdie, their designs look great
  13. Yeah, there's a lot! And you're right, for the most part they're small companies, run by just two or three people. Could a mid-mallet cover fit?
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