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  1. Thanks, David! Just to clarify: is the PlaysLike distance an automatic adjustment or a manual one? And that would only account for slope, right? But I can max out the roll out to get a more precise understanding of my carry distances when I'm on the range? Obviously this would all be much simpler if you could assign a particular distance to a particular club. But alas, I suspect this is about making the S62 an arbitrarily superior product
  2. Bumping this thread because I have a question for you regarding altitude adjusted distances. I saw that on the last software update Garmin added altitude adjusted distances. Can someone speak to the accuracy of the feature? My regular course is 8,000 feet above sea level and so that feature would help a lot. Maybe by "altitude adjustment" Garmin is referring to slope with too many words. Also, for anyone that also has a laser, how good are the slope adjusted distances? Thanks!
  3. I like those ferrules. Where’d you get them?
  4. You willing to split it? I'll take the shaft if anyone wants just the head
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