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  1. Last week, customer service told me the Amex cover was a few weeks out. I missed out on the McLovin by minutes! But that one looked like it was already finished and ready to ship?
  2. Looking for a Mevo or Voice Caddie
  3. @Cruisin1966That's a great looking bag! I'm thinking of getting one also. How's the leather? It looks synthetic, which doesn't necessarily bother me. How many clubs do you think you could fit in there?
  4. Thanks! I just emailed asking essentially those questions, so good to know. Therefore I can ignore the spam from last night?
  5. That’s a shame. I have plenty of putter covers. Did you see pics of the new welcome package? yeah I’d like to not be charged. Any buck club members here know if the membership renews at the start of every year or one year from joining?
  6. Yeah I got no fewer than 15 emails from them. Also, I haven’t had my membership for two months and I have to renew? That’s ridiculous hopefully the welcome package I ordered when I joined is the one they send me, with the Yeti and Seamus
  7. Not sale-related but what’s the putting mat you have under there? GLWS!
  8. I don’t recall coming across something like that when making the list. I’m with you on the Velcro, though, it frays and loses it’s grip
  9. Sweet! Did you do that photo shoot for it? That’s quality staging
  10. FJs, Norse, Seamus, and Stroke Lab sold! BirdieBall and RLX still available
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