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  1. This might be the most interesting thread on wrx. A secret society of golfers with possible prison gang connections. Deadspin incoming
  2. These are excellent! I golf a lot in South America and have heard great things about golf in Argentina. I'm going to add this to the Big List of Headcovers and order an alignment stick cover
  3. Added! Yeah, these are definitely a good value.
  4. What’s A weight? Assuming it’s heavier, hence the increased MOI? I play 59s and the 6 is where things start to get dicey. GLWS
  5. Check out BlueBirdie, their designs look great
  6. Yeah, there's a lot! And you're right, for the most part they're small companies, run by just two or three people. Could a mid-mallet cover fit?
  7. Added, thanks for the rec! I've never seen driver headcovers designed like that
  8. I’d look at golden soul for your hybrid cover. But there’s also the above mentioned list, which I subjectively recommend
  9. Spotted these yesterday. The design looks great. https://www.adidas.com/us/codechaos-21-primeblue-spikeless-golf-shoes/FZ0361.html
  10. I didn't recognize a single one of those proper nouns! So yeah, maybe not. Cheers, though, because this software would make @FlightScope Mevo the best product in that sub-$500 segment.
  11. I hadn't heard that SWAG bought EP, but yeah that makes sense; SWAG will use EP for in-house design and construction. So was the Chunky Dunk cover their last EP-made headcover?
  12. Are they using a new company on their putter covers? I believe EP was making them, right? Interested to know how the quality compares once you have it
  13. This is really excellent, and exactly the sort of thing Flightscope should be offering. Now that winter is over, I've got a great piece of technology with a lot less utility. If you sent me these files, how easy would it be to run them myself?
  14. Great looking bag! Can you tell me if the dividers fully boxed?
  15. @jas904 already linked to the full list I made, which I've kept updating. Most of those companies do custom work, but if your son knows exactly what he wants in terms of design and fabric, I'd suggest Delilah, who is the industry standard, PushCut, which is on instagram, and Rawhide, as mentioned above. Good luck!
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