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  1. Hated the feel of the PLD Prime Tyne. Probably the best looking putter I’ve ever owned though. It is a beautiful putter.
  2. Thanks so much for the detailed response. I was fitted for a taylormade spider x flow neck. I want to change up because as you mentioned the distance control for me seems off. I have a moderate arc to my stroke. I rather the way the 11/11.5 looks but I think the 5.5 would be better suited for my stroke. I’m glad you are enjoying your 5.5.
  3. Man I’m about to blind buy a x11 or x5.5. I’m torn on which one to buy. I currently game a spider x. Really enjoy the feel of it. But I’m ready for a change.
  4. Over last summer I went to club champion and got fitted for the odyssey stroke lab ten putter. On the build sheet it says my loft was a 2.5 and lie was 71 degrees. Well I bought a new putter stock from Taylor made. I went with the spider x. Very similar putter so I was wondering if I just bring it to a builder and get the loft and lie to match the odyssey ten?
  5. $300.00 obo. Brand new. Over side Bettinardi /lamkin grip
  6. Thanks man. I’m anxious to learn more about the wrist angles and releasing them at the proper time. No other instructor really taught this to me before which is surprising. My wife would be very pissed if I spend more money on lessons right now lol. Do you know any videos that can explain this to me?
  7. It’s extremely tense. I’m in my head constantly before during and after my swing. Trying to focus on doing the right thing. Praying to myself that I have a good shot.
  8. Thanks. It does feel awful. My swing feels so unnatural and forced.
  9. The me everyone for your advice. I really appreciate the great answers I received. I wish I could reply to everyone. It’s refreshing to know about my technique. I think getting in better shape and working on my technique and mechanics will help. I think I wouldn’t stick with an instructor long enough and just jump around without giving one a fair shake. Anyway I will work on getting better. Bought a net for my backyard and going to get some new lessons and not stop until I get my technique down.
  10. Thanks everyone for your responses. I really appreciate it. Here is a DTL video of my swing. It’s not great because it was done on my Rapsodo. I will get a face on video tomorrow and post it on here. IMG_0114.mov
  11. I think you may be right. Unfortunate but it may be time accept it. I used to think it was because I’m overweight but I see a lot of overweight players smash the ball. Yes I’m playing the proper tees. I play at about a 23 handicap.
  12. I have been playing for about five years. Just a weekend warrior and sometimes during the week. I have been fitted for clubs and love my clubs. I hit the ball very straight. Problem is I can’t hit it far at all. I swing at a senior speed and I’m in my thirties. I hit my driver about 190. I have been to numerous instructors in my area. Have sent different coaches swing videos all over the country and have had them analyze. Problem is I just can’t seem to get it down. Sometimes I just want to sell my clubs. But I won’t because I love the game so much. Any pointers anyone?
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