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  1. I need to try the Scotty 11.5. The spider was the best out the bunch for me. I tried the EX and still rather the X. I may go back to it. Its just all my buddies have it and I want something different. Lol
  2. Nice looking putter.
  3. I can't find the QB6 SBS on their website. Maybe its not available right now. Yeah PXG prob a no for me right now. I wasn't crazy about the feel of the Toulon. Im pretty picky man lol
  4. I want to try an EVNROLL. Im going to go to club champion and roll one this weekend. Im not opposed to the Inovai 6.0 but I think its kind of lame that its still $400.00 when the new ones are that much and that putter is almost 2 years old.
  5. I tried the Phantom 5.5 and didn't love it. Thought it wasn't stable enough for me.
  6. Thanks. Yeah Im trying to find a unicorn I think. Also I like buying new stuff constantly. lol
  7. eagles88

    Putter ideas?

    So last year I got fitted at club champion for a putter. They said I had a moderate arc in my stroke and was best suited for a mallet putter. This was where me going down the rabbit hole again. I was fitted for a stroke labs ten. It was a nice putter and I putted well with it but didn’t love the insert and the fact all my other clubs were Taylormade. I sold it and bought a spider x. Liked it a lot and preferred their insert opposed to Callaways. Well I went to my local shop and the Ping Pryme Tyne 4 just came in and it was one of the coolest putters I have ever seen. I liked the feel in the s
  8. Hated the feel of the PLD Prime Tyne. Probably the best looking putter I’ve ever owned though. It is a beautiful putter.
  9. Thanks so much for the detailed response. I was fitted for a taylormade spider x flow neck. I want to change up because as you mentioned the distance control for me seems off. I have a moderate arc to my stroke. I rather the way the 11/11.5 looks but I think the 5.5 would be better suited for my stroke. I’m glad you are enjoying your 5.5.
  10. Man I’m about to blind buy a x11 or x5.5. I’m torn on which one to buy. I currently game a spider x. Really enjoy the feel of it. But I’m ready for a change.
  11. Over last summer I went to club champion and got fitted for the odyssey stroke lab ten putter. On the build sheet it says my loft was a 2.5 and lie was 71 degrees. Well I bought a new putter stock from Taylor made. I went with the spider x. Very similar putter so I was wondering if I just bring it to a builder and get the loft and lie to match the odyssey ten?
  12. $300.00 obo. Brand new. Over side Bettinardi /lamkin grip
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