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  1. Great shot. The greens look perfect. What was the yardage ?
  2. Thanks Newgs- We are staying at the Beau so I think its safe to say we will play if its available. what type of tournament do they host?
  3. Thanks for your recommendations - I could tell a difference in course conditions by the pictures 'Sabram' posted that Fallen Oaks is in great shape. Unfortunately we are traveling down there March 1st so Dont know what the course conditions will be like that time of year... Are you from the area?
  4. Wow, thank you for the links. I think SHell Landing looks fun!
  5. Travel the world play 20 tournaments a year and make 2-4M a year for 15 years... You can keep the majors Ill take the runner ups
  6. Congrats on a great round!
  7. Nice! Another good rec. I just went to Gran Bears website and it looks great. Also Shell Landing looks fun and appears to be a shorter drive than Grand Bear?
  8. Awsome! Thanks for the recommendation - looks perfect
  9. Unfortunately I have never experienced lightning greens but I can definitely use my imagination and see the challenges. what was the name of the podcast Webb was talking on ? Sounds very interesting and ide like to take a listen. Thanks
  10. im heading down to Biloxi for a bachelor party - does anyone know if they have an decent golf? Hoping to play a few rounds to take our minds away from our casino losses...
  11. my home course is 22 min away which is really convenient. Something I’ve never had a problem with - driving and waking up early for golf. They both come easy.
  12. 100% worth it. I played in 2 years ago and had a great experience. Go early and have the breakfast buffet on the veranda looking over 18. It’s special.
  13. Ive carried the green on a 340 yard par 4. Had the pitch mark 10 ft on and it rolled out another 10 ft. It was slightly down hill but a poke non the less. yea, I 3 putted for par...
  14. thats amazing Webb at a +7-8, I can’t imagine. i would disagree with you about the courses being “longer” they never tip out the courses and the yardage they show you on tv is tipped out. They usually set the course up at 6900-7200 yards and that’s the same length of the back tees around here.
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