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  1. After 4 good years with M2 I finally found a better performance from G425 LST this spring. Maybe losing the longest shots of M2 but on average G425 ball speed is 2mph faster and dispersion is tighter, translates to 1,5 more fairways hit per round. Tried every TM product after, none beat M2.
  2. 1. Srixon Z F85 3 wood w/ HZRDUS Red. Love the shaft, got to test friends shaft with the previous 3 wood Cobra LTD and just new it's the one. LTD is serious club, just hated the spaceport. F85 can keep up with it. Previous 3 woods that I played and liked, '16 M2hl, RBZ, v-steel w/ purple red (still have that shaft).
  3. I believe this would make it closer to LST, 19g back weight vs 17g in LST. Obviously head size is bigger and head weight balance is different. To the original question in my testing I found LST to be both more consistent in performance as well as better performing. Although I tested 9* LST and 10,5*Max turned down so not optimal. Anyhow finally replaced '16 M2 with 9*LST, difference is on average 2mph (maxes same) and reduction of big right side miss (I'm lefty).
  4. Yes. Have LST with Tensei at 45,5" which was delivered at D5 (15g weight, Arccos grip). Head + 15g weight was 207g. Changed to 11g to get to D3 which is easier for me to control the face at impact. As I have a set of weights I currently have 7g on toe and 5g on heel. Swing feel is as with 11g, impact is just a bit "clickier" and flight just a tad fade biased (for me which I prefer). I also have an AD-DI extended to 46,25" and some CB lead tape, which I've tested with 5&7g weight, so far not likely to make but need to test it indoors with a trackman. Currently testing
  5. Finally dropped M2 and switched to G425 LST driver 1 week ago. Average ball speed up by 2mph, max speed same in both. Also dispersion reduced. Have Tensei 6s and modified the ADDI I had in M2 to 46" as experiment. Switched 3HL 2019 to Cobra LTD and 2020 to Srixon F Z85. Couldn't find a shaft to LTD, z85 with hzrdous red is actually quite close to M2 in looks and feel, just better performance for me. SIM max is really good option IMO.
  6. Update from N Europe, received custom order G425 9* LST w/ Tensei 6S in 2,5 weeks - custom 0,25" longer and 2 extra tapes on bottom hand). Back weight 14g, swing weight D5.
  7. For me 425 spins about 200 less. Although not hit at the same time so not 100% accurate. Did consider 410 last year but it was spinning too much compared to '16 M2. Have now sold M2 and ordered 425 LST as now spin and launch are where I want them. 410 was really straight so expecting the same from 425, have only been inside so we'll see when snow has melted and I get the delivery.
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