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  1. If you have an incorrect lie angle in your irons, what affect (tendency to draw or fade) might that have? Does having too much of a flat lie angle have a specific affect? Does having too much of an upright lie angle have a specific affect? If you believe an incorrect lie angle has a definite affect, how much (degrees) does it take to make a real difference? Let me know what your experience and wisdom believes on this topic, thanks!
  2. Has anyone had experience buying irons from CPO that were listed as "Good" or " Average"? If so, what did the irons look like when you received them?
  3. I have heard great things about buying clubs from Callaway Pre-Owned. That includes how nice the clubs are that are given a "Like New" or "Very Good" condition rating, but what about the clubs, specifically irons, that have a "Good" or "Average" condition rating... what are they like?
  4. Thank you for the great info stoneydukes! Do you remember what specific "lighter" Recoils you tried (760, 780, 460, 470,...)? Do you remember what you found different from the lighter Recoils to the 110s (or 95s if you tried them)? Do they all feel smooth? Do some seem more lively/better kick? Any details are greatly appreciated. I also don't seem to have a problem spinning most of these stronger lofted clubs. I know because I have picked up a few 7 irons in different brands, models and shaft combos, and hit them on the range and course... but I am still somewhat concerned with launch angle/peak height?
  5. Thank you dalilama47! The Recoils seem to be the favorite so far, and for reference it's good to know you have similar swing numbers.
  6. The Catalyst 100 have been mentioned several times, and will be considered. Thank you ylwdogsc!
  7. Thank you jeffrey r for the great info about your experiences with the graphite shafts!
  8. I am searching for a new set of irons, and was originally planning on getting a set with Nippon (Modus3 Tour 105s or NS Pro 950s) shafts. Just before making a purchase I had some new pain and soreness (59) that have led me to decide I should get graphite shafts in whatever new iron set I get. I love the Nippon shafts I previously mentioned, so if anyone knows any graphite shafts comparable (especially relating to getting a mid to high launch) to those please let me know.For reference my swingspeed is about 95 with my driver and low 80s with my 7 iron, I have a long, smooth swing and am presently about an 8 hdcp. I am probably getting a set of new irons that has stronger lofts (mainly looking at Mavriks, Mavrik Pros,and Honma 747Ps) that usually seem to produce lower launch angles and less spin. I usually hit my irons (old Srixon I302s with Rifle 5.5s) with a mid launch/flight and that has worked well with those Srixons, but I should probably get shafts that help get the ball a little higher with the new irons I will purchase. From my first research I am presently intrigued by: UST Mamiya Recoil shafts; TT Project X Catalyst shafts (definitely the most available with the Mavrik irons); the Aerotech SteeelFiber FC shafts; and the Honma Vizard shafts (since they are easily found with the 747Ps). Please let me know what you think of the graphite shafts I have mentioned or if you have other possibilities for me to consider. Be safe and have a great day!
  9. Thank you for your reply jimb! Your thoughts should help me make my decision. How do you like the Pros with the Nippon 105s in them?
  10. Thank you DawgDude! I think I got the main ideas you are trying to make and that helps solidify my thinking.
  11. I am in the process of searching for a set of Callaway Apex 19 irons with Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts. They are difficult to find, and I have thought about considering and have been offered an Apex 19 Combo set (4-7 are Apex 19s and 8-AW are Apex Pro 19s) with that shaft. I have hit the Apex 19s and am very comfortable in getting these, but I have not had the chance to hit the Apex Pro, so I am very hesitant. My main question is for those who have hit both or have a combo set, what are the similarities and differences? How much harder are the Pros to hit? Is the technology in each similar enough so they go similar and consistent distances and ball flights? Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated!
  12. Thank you Freddie! Your swing numbers seem a lot like mine, and your experience with the Apex irons and these shafts should really help me in making a decision.
  13. Thank you JLo_73 for your keen and helpful insight!
  14. Thank you toddmanley! I had a similar experience with having an old set of Precept irons that had the original 950GHs in them and I will always remember how smooth they were and how nice and easy they were to hit with.
  15. Thanks Nessism! The 105s are probably first on my list exactly because of what you said (launch medium high and are fairly but not too light), but it might come down to what I can find a good deal on first. I have hit both the Apex's and 585s indoors, and both felt great with good numbers. They have similar lofts, but I consistently hit the Apex irons 5-10 yards further with similar spin numbers and with slightly higher peak heights, so I am leaning toward them. The problem is they are more expensive and it is much harder to find the Apex irons with Nippon shafts, or to find just heads for sale, or to get them cheap enough with any shafts in order to change them out with Nippons. I can easily find the Srixons with Nippon shafts since that is their stock shaft... so I am looking for a set of Apex's first, but I am not sure how patient I will be, especially as I see good deals on the Srixons go by.
  16. Thanks Nat... I will definitely keep that in mind if I am not able to find anything with the set up (shafts) I want. Have a great day!
  17. Exactice808, Thank you for some great and detailed information! From your info and other sources I have come across I will most likely be good with the Nippon Modus 3 Tour 120s... since I am staying in a similar flex (firm in Rifles to stiff in the 120s) the flight for me might a little higher, which is what I think I will want with the stronger lofted Apex's (and most iron sets these days). have a great day!
  18. Thanks hobbstc! That sounds very familiar. When I used to play a lot (about 15 years ago) and got my Srixon I-302s with 5.5 Rifles I also had a set of Precepts with Nippon NS Pro 950GHs. I loved my Srixons and ended up with them being my gamer, but I never forgot the feeling hitting those Precepts with their wonderful, smooth, almost effortless feel. So, of course now that I am getting back into playing more I want to get a set of irons with some Nippons in them!
  19. I am thinking of getting a set of Callaway Apex 19 forged irons and I want to have Nippon shafts in them. The most likely possible Nippon shafts are: NS Pro 950GHs, NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 105s, or NS Pro Modus 3 Tour 120s. I want to make sure I can get the ball in the air enough to take advantage of the Apex's strengths. I have a 95mph (ish) driver swing speed, and I would say I normally hit the ball at a mid (not low or high) flight with my present irons (Srixon I-302s with Rifle 5.5s)... yeh that's why I need a new set of irons, still in good shape, but they are about 15 years old. So if anyone has experience with any of the aforementioned Nippon shafts, please let me know how you think they affect the "flight" (height) of the ball. As a secondary question, I am also considering (but the Apex's are presently way in front in my mind) Srixon Z-585s and Honma TW 747P irons, so if you have any opinions about those please let me know.
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